I am very new waiting on my super skunk seeds...while I'm waiting what items should I buy to get prepared?

Beginner here…all help is appreciated…I need all the help I can get…Thanks in advance :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

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hey there @Ojizzle welcome to ilgm grow forum!! super skunk!! i just like the sound of that!! so, where are you wanting to grow @Ojizzle? outside,inside? dirt,soilless? getting prepared has a lot to do with these questions…

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Only thing I do know is that I will be growing inside a closet.
I have looked at a grown tent size 24x24x48…I am trying to grow for personal use and 1 plant at a time. Thanks for trying to help me grow and understand all this good information. I’m trying to keep it small and simple


Welcome to the community. Keeping it simple is the best way to go. What kind of light were you thinking about getting?

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It’s only for 1 plant at a time… is this good enough? Could you guys recommend me the correct light I will need?

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This is the tent…all items are in cart not finalized yet until I get you guys approval…

The only advice I can give about the tent is, read the reviews and do your homework on them and understand that they aren’t gonna be perfect. I have a couple very small light leaks around the zipper, it’s common. I bought the apollo horticulture tent and light. It never gets really bright in my grow room to worry about it, but if you do have light leaks, you could try an use a dark color paint to cover the or tape and then paint the tape. Now on the light, I was thinking about getting the same one, I still might, but make sure to read on how far the manufacturer says it should be away from the plants to prevent it from harming them. I would get something like a thermometer/hydrometer to measure the temp and humidity. I would get a small clip on fan to help circulate the air inside the tent.


Welcome to ILGM. This is a great place for growing and learning. A lot of good people here with many combined years of growing great buds.

The tent looks good if you are doing one plant at a time. The LED light looks good. One thing you might want to check on it is the actual wattage that it draws. The 300 watts is an equivalent watts. The actual watts (sometimes stated as actual watts or watts drawn) tells you the actual watts that you use to grow and usually considerably lower than the advertised watts. The requirement for LED is approximately 30-35 watts per square foot.

One thing you will definitely need is a pH meter. Amazon has many of them for sale and you can get a good one for $15-25. A PPM or TDS meter is really helpful also. When you get the pH meter, you might also want ot get pH up and pH Down (chemicals) for keeping your water at the correct pH (vital for healthy plants ! You can get the pH up and down and reference solution at pH 7.0 in a package together on Amazon.

A small fan for inside the tent (you can get ones that clip to the tent frame) will help keep the air circulating and keep the plants healthy and help prevent mold from getting started.

Since you are waiting for your seeds, it is a good time to download Robert’s free Grow Guide that has a LOT of good information in it. I think most of us here have downloaded it and used it. A great starting point in your knowledge of growing good cannabis.

Best of luck on your growing adventure. Do not be afraid to ask questions, we all have them at some time, even the experienced growers. Jerry


I forgot about the ph and tds meter, thanks Jerry

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Thanks Jerry. I will definitely get the ph meter. Thanks! What light should I get for 1 plant at a time? I will also get the solutions you stated above. Thanks again! I will get the fan. And I have already downloaded the guide and I will read all information!

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I have my seeds…heading to home depot now to get soil. And i will be ordering my tent and lights today…any help is appreciated

Glad I could be of assistance.

Are you getting the 2x2 tent? If you are, the light you had listed above looks fine for growing. Just pay real close attention to the distance away from the plant. Seedlings are VERY sensitive to to light.

I was growing with CFL before I got my LED so I still use the CFL for seedlings but that is a personal thing. The LED will work fine as long as you keep an eye on the plants.

Later in the grow, when you start flowering, you will need a fan and filter. The light will produce heat and you need some way to control it. The flowers also produce a lot of smell and unless you want your entire place smelling like pot for a while, I would get one like this. This one is nice as it has a controller to control the amount of air that goes in and out. It also helps control humidity in the tent. A 4" fan is more than enough for a 2x2 tent.


I kind of specialize in growing in small spaces, my grow box is only 18"x16" x48". I still manage to get good yields. This is my current grow.

Hope this helps. Jerry

My tent is 24x24x48…im looking for soil now…im at walmart…they only have Jiffy…im headed to home depot now

Thanks I’m getting everything u recommend!!