I am very disappointed in the amnesia haze auto

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Previously I bought two three-packs of Lowryder from ILGM. Each pack saw two successful germinations. Wanting a sativa dominant strain I ordered five amnesia haze autos last fall. Having a small indoor grow operation, I planted the first seed in early February to get a jump. I used the same brand of organic potting soil that the Lowryders seemed to flourish in. I use the same combination of spring, distilled and tap (left to stand for 48 hours) water, and put the pot in the same place as prevously to germinate, where it gets a lot of daylight and 5 hours of direct sunlight. I soaked the seed beforehand. After 7 days, nothing had happened so I tried a second seed in a different pot. The result were the same. I am now on day six for seed three, which I soaked and placed in a wet paper towel before planting, and there is no sign of life. I am very disappointed in the amnesia haze auto. I thought this sounded like an excellent choice.

When germinating you don’t want the sunnlight
Just a warm dark place until you have a tap root 1/4-1/2 inch long then pot the bean

Heres a link that may help you out
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Like @Countryboyjvd1971 said. Light maybe be part of issue.Also if this organic soil has enough nutes to feed a full grown plant it might be to hot for a seedling to go in. Try layering the soil with hot stuff at the bottom and seedling mix on top. But if its the seeds dont stress ILGM is great about taking care of their customers.
Here is an example how i start autos,I soak seed 24-48hrs.in bottled spring water sitting in a dark warm (68-70°) place. Then i soak rapid rooters in ph 6.5 water from tap(set out or with bubbler 24hrs) and lighting sqeeze out, put seed in. Tear corner off of rapid rooter cover seed. Make sure u keep them warm and dark, so covering the with that peice does that. I then cut a water bottle in half, place rapid rooter with seed in bottom, put top back on as a mini greenhouse, set on heating pad and when they break ground i add 60watt clf bulb over them. I’ve found it works to also plant the rapid rooter in the container u wanna grow in and use the top of water bottle to cover still, autos dont like being transplanted, if u do it the first way i plant in container after first set of leaves. I sprinkle a little great white in the hole and on rapid rooter before i plant them.
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Try a heated & domed germination tray with rapid rooters. I get 90-100% germination rates.

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