I am starting to see yellow leaves popping inside my buds

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I would like your help regarding my outdoor plantation.
I am starting to see yellow leaves popping inside my buds could you please advise me if there is any problem or should i carry on without any worries. I am growing them into pots in my back yard.
Photos are attached
Many thanks my friend in advance!

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There’s no problem at all. That’s a great thing! Means the plant sucked all the juice out of the leaves and it’s letting you know that it’s getting real close to harvest time. I would check pistils & trichromes for maturity. They look great!:+1:


Would def take a closer look though. Yellow leaves also point to mold and rot

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1—IF trichomes are still clear…could use some nitrogen. but kind of late for more nutes…UNLESS…all
trichomes are clear.
2—would do plant a big favor if you support the big beautiful colas. a strong wind would break it.
can use pipe cleaners or plastic wrapped wire loosely wrapped around the main stalk then to the
long stake. It will help the Ladies focus on growing goodies instead of stalk.