I am setting up a standard non-walk-in closet as a grow room. I need some advices

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I am setting up a standard non-walk-in closet as a grow room. My main concern is heat. I purchased a 4" inline duct fan and filter, but was wondering if adding a vent to the cooling fans on the light might help as well? If there was a metal boot that enclosed the fans, then a flexible vent hose that can raise and lower with the light, would it be worth the effort for the heat it removes?

Closet is 30" x 36" x 8’, and my 400w-Veg/600w-Flower light has three cooling fans.

Best way to deal with heat is exhaust fan is your best friend and if you are really struggling with heat a small portable ac can do the trick make sure if you are venting outside to have a carbon filter to stop smells

Thanks, it was just an idea. After getting my fan mounted I think I’ll be fine. I may have to add an extra intake vent other than just under the door.

That should work to get heat out

Thanks. When I ordered the smallest - cheapest fan set-up they had, I got way more than I planned on. Less than $90 for the fan and filter. 190CFM, so I got a rheostat to tone it down if needed.

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I had to replace my 4" inline (same flow rate) with a 6" with more than double the air flow to maintain a comfortable environment. Basically you want to remove the air from the top of your space as heat rises. You did good to set up your intake down low.