I am serious, and I’d like your thoughts, smacks along with “SNAP OUT OF IT”, and of course some ego strokes.
These three were all planted on 24 Aug 2020, have gentle for 30 (ish) days light. I am aware this does not follow convention and does slow leaf growth, for that month. I have found that babies burn easily, and have to be gently introduced to my power sucking 1000 watt light.
Blue Dream 1|320x240 Gorilla Glue 1 MK Ultra 1


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moonstruck. snap out of it

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They do seem kinda small for 17 days but they aren’t stretching for light either. I don’t know what if anything to suggest.

Generally it means they are building the root system instead of concentrating on growth. Not a big deal I have had a couple that lag behind for a while then swell into the biggest of the bunch.

I’m also growing some Blue Dream–where did you grab your seeds? Good luck!

I get them HERE! (ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com) PLEASE! Every seed comes up predictibly, give good harvests and are generally trouble free. (Even when there is a 3 day power outage last winter ;( )

I am but a lowly direction follower, with the following exceptions:
FishSh!t (Look it up)
VERY nice tent in my basement. (WITH Generator :roll_eyes:)
Other than that follow the directions on the bottle of whatever, don’t let them get too wet, be patient.

Currently, my Blue Dream is not as big as the others from that seed batch (MK Ultra and OGKush)