I am questioning whether or not the plants are male

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

This all came from random seed I’ve saved for some time. The first seven plants in the photos I’m sending. I am questioning whether or not they are male. Plants number 8 and 9 are definite females. So I want to make sure I get the guys out of there before they start to flower. These all were grown from seed and put in 5 gallon buckets. Then they were eventually transplanted into a corn field as seen in the photos. Please check out my pics and let me know what you think. Thank you for your time.


Hi welcome to the forum. Actualy it looks a little early to tell on a few… some of your pictures are a little fuzzy or I am. But heres a little guide. Come join the forum. lots of knowledge here…

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I agree. Give them another week or so. Good looking plants, though! :+1:

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If they are female they will start to produce little white hairs

Could you call them hairs?? Lol

A small flashlight will help see the two fine white on the females.

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If you can get some either closer or clearer pics that would be great. I think like everyone else is telling you is spot on, wait and check them everyday until you see sure signs.

How old are the plants and how far are you from flowering? Or are you already into flowering. When you start flowering you will see very clear which is which and if you have hermies or males get rid of them. Just make sure to check your garden everyday so you can get them out of you aren’t pollinating any for seeds. Especially an outside grow, that pollen will go a looooong way. Good luck!

In my personal opinion, it looks like plants 1, 4, and 5 are males. Not sure on the others but some deff look like they will be female.

You can let them go longer. Eventually those “balls” will look like a small cluster of grapes then they will flower so just make sure you cull them before they open up.

The white hairs on the pistils will look like this. Not the best pics but you can see them at the top of the plants in these pictures

Looking at the pictures its a bit hard to say definitely i would give them another week or two
You could take a clone off of the ones your questioning and flower them see what you got ?
Just a thought

can you get a close up ?