I am obtuse,so I emploreall your feedback & abuse

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Soil issue almost killed the entire 1st, so scroll around. My top advice is Kush, and let the Triconomes get really ripe( Dark Brown), to get a Couch Lock Effect. I would sample the milky before leaving the plant to mature turned Brown/tan Tric’s. It can be very narcotic, and sleep will be your companion. The Sun’s intensity can make even light strains Heavy, burn holes in :sun_with_face: leaves, prism effects, after a Sunshower. Pineapple & Purple Haze is my recommend Strain that will start to Bud Late August to September; consequently, how ever Purple Haze from ILGM is my #1 recommend because of its relative ease to propogate, not needy in amendment, bugs are not prone to attack,in comparison to other strains. Last but not least, the grow should be camouflaged. Indian River is tough on Weed in comparison to the tri county Miami/Dade,Ft.Lauderdale,Broward( my ouyresidence), Palm Beach. It seems like over time people who I knew were sent on unwanted vacation for minimum crap. I use Art & craft redCLOTH FLOWERS WITH GREEN PLASTIC clips can avoid a Conundrum. My continued grow journal was cut for some reason, but please observebe month of the year, Strain, and outcome report on strength after cure, and rest assured I can be a real Hardheaded simple minded individual to many, a friend to a few, but most admirable Honest & I when a retort is given it is always brutally honest, and any questions please feel free to ask. Have a great Day, to the creative pmonicor pH, thanks community for hitting bullseye on different points, and Skydiver bthank you for the like last week, and have a great Morning / Day


I appreciate the message, and I almost certain I read near the end your message about Housingiin clear Visquin. if you can place on a patio, carport, or anything with a roof / screen enclosure that would minimize the number of Conundrums that will inevitab up rly come from time to time through the sweltering Summer, yet consider & reponder available grow space. Purple Haze Grows Vertical extreamly fast, and in my Grow Journal you can get a visual on a top every th Node will look, but I did a flemm on the all but one, bull horn t

I am a moron, and it keeps sending message prematurely. Rained early, fortunately,c I had time today, so the timing was advantagous to help you now while my accounts receivable come in.My grow journal name is🤗 I AM obtuse, so implore your feedback and abuse. There is a Purple Haze in the circle of afoementioe 1st of 3 staggered concurrent grows, yet I was humbled by mother nature, Iganas, and a so it was only by my plants choice of Pheno’s that made a total different outxome