I am new to the self home grow systems, and I need a little help

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hello, my name is John, and I am new to the self home grow systems, and I need a little help.
I purchased a new Kush Hydroponic Grow System and unfortunately the Grow lights never arrived.
I went and bought 240 G8-LED light, I am wondering if this is appropriate for a 4x4x8 Virtual Sun grow room that I
purchased this year,
Everything is brand new, including the Hydroponic system, As I said before, I received no instructions on how to begin,
this morning I have to take the seedlings that I germinated.
I am going to place the germinated seeds and put them in the rock wool and place the rock wool in the Baskets
that are placed in top cover over the water tank , but I do not know how much water to place in the bottom of the hydroponic tank
that contains the air pump.
I am guessing that I need to allow the water level to touch the base of the rock wool.

John…welcome to the world of grow your own hydro.
First, yes…the water level should be barely touching…new plants.
This helps new root growth to access the nutrient solution for food.
Once roots are 1/2" longer than the cage, lower the level a little.

I would STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU take a long look at the free growing download available on this website. AND…then, look around for more information on the other grow sites. The more information you access the more informed and productive you can be.

****This IS important…do not follow the nute mfg’s feeding schedules!!! They have no idea of what YOUR strain choice is.
Start at 20% of suggest feeding schedule. Start low and move up slowly. Watch your Ladies and do whatever it takes to keep them fat and happy…and they will make you proud. It only takes one overdose to burn everything to a dry crumpled mess.
Again…access and learn…learn…learn.
Remember what Momma Gump said, “Stupid is as Stupid does”. :smiley:


Welcome John! My 1st response, but have been following a bunch of these to soak in all I can.
Just so happens I am finishing my 1st grow in that setup. It took forever to get my light, but kept on them and it finally showed-great starter light for me!
The 1st time you fill it will take 7 gallons, this leaves the bottom 1/4" of the cup submerged, keeps the rockwool damp.
Also did not use their nutes at all, went Gen Hydro at 25% to start with Hydroguard. All water added should be PH’d as close to 5.8 as possible.
Once ladies were in veg, upped nutes to 50% and left it there thru all stages-only a couple weeks to harvest now.
You will need to empty and refill every 4-5 weeks.
Do not try to put the recommended amount of seeds/plants in there. Went 4 for my 1st, will only do 2 next time.
Lastly, I cannot help with your light as I don’t know what it is, but plenty of knowledgable growers on here, one of them will know it. I use 2 300 watt LED and I am impressed.
By the way, I am growing ILGM Bruce Banner #3, fantastic seeds! Will be ordering Maui Waui soon!
Good luck John, I will be following!

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@Bogleg, any advice for a new hydro guy? (or gal)

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Can you post any pics of your system? Do you have the one that looks like this and has a 10 gallon reservoir?


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This was going to be my biggest concern… four plants in a 10 gallon reservoir (that, as noted by Scurvy, only holds 6-7 gallons with the net pots installed) would be complicated to manage and probably hurt your yield. First time out in the system I’d do just one plant myself. The light you picked - according to the manufacturer - can flower a 3’ x 2’ area - not big enough for a 4x4 area. However, that’s no big deal - you can just grow your plants to fill a 3’x2’ space… that will likely only take two plants to do with a month in veg, and maybe 7 weeks for a single plant.

How many seeds did you germinate? What strains? Photos or autos?

In most deep water culture applications like this, you do NOT want your water touching the bottom of the net pots. You want an air gap of 2" or so between the water level and the bottom of the net pot. Wet medium in hydro can cause things like mold and mildew. Worst case scenario is that your stem gets rot on it and the plant dies. It’s best to keep the medium dry.

That being said, you can - and should - top feed your seedlings until they grow roots that dangle down into the water.

For anyone else who wants to chime in here is his light:

Well, agree to disagree…to a point. The water should touch the net pots until the roots are sticking out. They will then be watered by the the air bubbles bursting in the tank and eventually grow down into the water.
Mold and/or algae can be a problem if the medium stays wet. My net pots had water up to them for almost 2 weeks, once I saw roots I let it drop, now it sits between 1 and 2 inches below.
I did no top feeding.

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I would suggest you plant more than you expect to grow n harvest.
Not all seeds planted will grow full and healthy. Having more than you need is better than not having enough and trying to start another late makes life too complicated. Especially first few times…putting all the holes in your system to work…until…they show sex and then pick out the two healthiest to complete the grow.

Those g8 lights are way over priced, you could build a led cheaper and better than those. That one light will be good for 1-2 small plants. You need 30-50 watts per square ft if you plan to fill tent. Your 4x4 is 16sf so you need 500-800 watts

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