I am lost with flowering stage

That’s more like it!
Trichomes are nice and cloudy but still no amber😞

Okay, one week down since transplanting. I’ve been doing LST but a ton more than I usually do. Any new growth in these ones get pinned down. I’m hoping to be able to get them short but extremely wide. The A lithium and white widow is doing the best with this. My banana OG has yet to take off possibly because I did a topping and it didn’t want to reveg but flower instead. I got it back to veg so is growing slowly. The pics are before and after I trained from 2 days growth.


The white widow has the most extreme of the bunch but didn’t load so here it is


I like my bushes.

White Widow and Super Skunk mom plants.


@BigItch @oldmarine @Mr_Wormwood

I have no clue what to do. These numbers are from run off. I don’t know if these numbers are good or bad? @BigItch how are you tying yours down? They look like straws.

Your PH is to low - next watering make your water in the mid 7 range to bring it up. Keep doing this until in the correct range.

Your TDS is too high - Its not anywhere crazy though. Stop feeding until your back in the lower range of say 1400-1600 then start back up.


This is what I’m using as stakes as to hold em down

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here we are today.


That light was your best investment, seriously. Your buds are starting to stack very nicely. I love how they’re starting to fall to the side from being so plump. Won’t be long before the fun is gone :cry:. Have you started anything new to replace them with?

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I wish I bought the mixed, but still have 3 maui left. going to start them very soon when these are down. I think may have to dry in tent for right humidity and darker. I have a drying hanger for that. I did buy grove bags to cure. still unsure about the wet vs. dry trim though

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these are the reason for my wild cat hairs on my sticky plants

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Maybe consider drying in a closet of the same room your using for your tent. I’ve noticed it’s doesn’t have to be dead dark like a tent does and the humidity can have some fluctuations as long as it’s not too high / above 70%. I dry in a wardrobe cabinet with a fan on low for movement have never had an issue. Can also use humidifier from your tent since in veg high humidity is better.
Trim wet or dry…lol both
I trim wet right to the bud and then dry. After it’s dry … Humm yeah ,I see sugar leaves that didn’t tighten up and I go back and trim again. About half way threw the cure I roll them on a screen and get anything that’s to hard to see. What comes out the other side of the screen I make pressed hash disks out of.

Last but not least… your cats are absolutely beautiful :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::relaxed:


Great! thanks for the drying info. maybe the closet will be ok. I am making this so hard. but I can’t wait til I can start from seed again. soooo freaking addictive

Over complicating things is the reason why most of us smoke :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:
It’s literally the only time my brain goes quiet.

Me when I’m not smoking- why the hell does 7/11 have locks on the doors if they never close? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Very addictive, it actually presses me when I have company at a time I normally do my plants. I start watching the time like… Yeah it’s getting a little late…lol

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LOL. TOO funny. Good point about
7/11 stores. Luckily my wild cats keep people away. We hang outside, so I can come in and look anytime at my girls. Once summer is over all the tourists and cottage renters disappear. then it’s just us girls. enjoy your week.

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@BigItch @oldmarine @Mr_Wormwood
taco curl time. leaves getting weird.
ph 6.5. looked at pictures and thought was phosphorus. I added the ILGM flowering notes. I hope will not lose these little girls

also the stems are different colors

Yeah no losing those beauties
Don’t know what to say on taco leaves

Usually it seems like that means light too close but I honestly don’t know what’s causing that

Hopefully someone will know what is causing it

Probably PK but the nutes should cover that. Honestly a little taco-ing at this late in the game is no big deal. I think even a little foxtailing at the end of the grow is acceptable.
Puzzling thing is your nutes were on the high end just a couple of days ago. Have you calibrated your TDS pen. Seems as though something is a miss here. Probably calibrate your PH pen too to make sure you are good.


how to calibrate? no more stuff