I am lost with flowering stage

Love the caddies and babies looking good

Those caddies have been a back saver for sure…
Thank you, replant in a couple days.

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Really helps out and soon those girls gonna b huge


Hey hey Lady, thought I would throw an update of my grow and see if you have anything going? New grow… some of your delicious Bud pics from your last grow ? What ya doing over there in this shyt weather?
Anyhow a shot of my new grow and I finally got a complete cure on all my smoke. Here’s a shot of the White Widow from my last grow.


Holy moly. looks marvelous! How is the high? I just dropped seeds yesterday. Started new topic journal on here. 1 aculpoca gold, 1 malawi gold, 1 white widow. I really hope they germinate because I didn’t get them here. ( sad to say). I really wanted a couple strains from rhe 70s. Anyway…here we go!

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My maui wowi.

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Ya kind of hard to order online when almost every smoke shop and grow shop has seeds on the shelves. Did you go with Ethos Genetics?

Oh and the white widow is not a day time smoke. Smoked one the other day before work and drove right past the job and started heading out to my summer place. I have shyt to do there and totally forgot about work. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:
Out of the group I would say this and the banana OG is my strongest. The A lithium is a super close 2nd and my biggest plant the lemon Candy I didn’t like at all. What sucks is I yielded a pound off that one. I gave away a qp as rent for a rosin press and pressed the whole plant into rosin and now I like it…:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:
I’ll have to check out your new journal if I can find it .:expressionless::expressionless::drooling_face:

These are very nice, are they cured yet and have you smoked any yet? Wondering how that Tang Auto tasted. Saw a fem version of that and was like :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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my next $ will be a press. when i win the lottery. Maui is a great taste and high. Saved some for some edibles. not too keen on the Tangerine. I don’t like growing autos. That was my last one.
I can’t wait for the AG and Malawi to start to show good signs.
My posts are in here on forum. ‘my tent all sanitized…’. I do my journal with pen and paper. old school. lol

On the Tangerine did you like the smoke? I might do a fem of that but wondering how the taste is.

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A tad of pineapple and it did keep me going for the day. i am going to combine some of it with gg to make brownies.
I put the 3 seeds right in dirt like last time in tent. how much light should they have?
temp 75 rh 55. i guess i should check what i did last time. duh. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I dial mine to the lowest setting and go from there.

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Hi sorry I realize this is from 2 years ago but you said 30 to 40 percent amber. I thought it was 80 percent? I’m a new grower and am close to my second harvest indoors and now I’m questioning myself.

I’m not terribly well versed in this stuff, but I’ve never heard of anyone waiting till 80% amber

When it gets to amber, the thc level is dropping, however the high effect is different from earlier (before amber) and that hypnotic effect is what people are going for…at 80%, the thc level will have dropped to a point you probably wouldn’t want.

I hope others will chime in, but in my opinion the 30% or so amber is a good target, and would provide a better high than 80% (which would take forever to achieve anyway)
That’s my 2 cents worth

And yeah, im still kicking, just not growing due to an uncertain housing situation.


BigWorm, glad to see ya up right and breathing buddy :green_heart::metal:

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You are right sir. The more the amber the more of a couch lock and narcotic high it will b