I am lost with flowering stage

Looks like Myrtle Beach? I don’t like this weather either, even tho I live at the beach. looking 4 a place in Pelican Bay, FL.
Here are my girls


Well those are looking like some pretty nice buds. They certainly are bigger this time round :grin::grin: very nice :slightly_smiling_face:

Mederia beach Florida, small beach town about 30min from Tampa. I went to highschool there and can’t wait to get back (retirement)

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I use to go to Treasure Island to visit my brother. Real close to Maderia Beach.

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Beautiful girls

@beachglass thought you might need a laugh.

So I tried out that banana OG I showed ya.
I did very well by my standards.

Thoughts prior to smoking. … I need a to do list for the weekend.

Current thoughts… Why TF does our tongue’s rest on the top of our mouths and not the bottom. You seriously can not make it rest on the lower part of your teeth :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


@BigItch . ok. that was a good one. Now gonna have to try tongue test after gummie. I am glad u wrote this, keep writing those thoughts while high…too funny. :rofl:

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I think 2 to 3 more weeks for these girls


Foxtailing? maybe? more white hairs.
Do you see amber? I thought I had about 2 weeks left?

Yes quite a bit of foxtailing. Not really much you can do. Every sativa I have ever grown has had it. Look at the inner bud for finishing time. Cut the foxtails off when you trim.they won’t be ready when the plant as a whole is.

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@BigItch thanks. u think chop soon?

Hard to say without opening the bud up and looking at trichomes there. I noticed you pull at cloudy so probably be okay at this point. How many weeks in flower are you.

9 weeks. I like a wake up energy, so some amber is good. I shall look deeper later

Hello again…I just took 2 small nugs from under canapy. they r so Purdy. I don’t see amber though.


you specifically need more magnification. thats not enough

I would give it a bit more time and keep checking… probably within the weeks time.

sweet nice nugs

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Chop chop. all hanging


Did you hang those whole or break em down?
I get clones later today so my new grow starts this evening :tada::confetti_ball:

We’re back in the game :dart:


Broke apart and put in my hanging mesh dryer. looking good.

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