I am lost with flowering stage

@Mr_Wormwood @BigItch @oldmarine
tomorrow chop???

These are blurry , I really need a start to put this thing on.

Lol yeah I can’t see any amber on the pics but you are right about them being a bit blurry

They look ready-ish unless you want couch lock in which case I’d say wait another week or so
Unless you see amber then by all means chop chop choppity chop

But I’d probably wait a few days to a week

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I don’t see any amber trichomes. They all look vaguely cloudy to me.
I can only tell you what I would do please take as you will. I’m sure there are a million opinions.

I would …

  1. Higher your lights and turn them down some. This will help with the foxtailing.
  2. Drop the light schedule down to 10 hours a day. Forcing your plants to think fall is coming sooner than they thought
  3. Only feed PH’d water
    All this will essentially make your plant end it’s life cycle and your trichomes should be good at that time. Obviously you will still need to monitor them daily to see where you’re at.
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Side note… I’ve been reading and they say a desk top mic stand works perfectly on the scope you’re using. $10 on Amazon

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Okie dokie guys. I will wait til next weekend. I definitely DO NOT want couch lock. Thank you all you wonder guys. cyn

I don’t want couch lock, so u mean I should chopity chop chop tomorrow? So many ideas.

If you’re still seeing clears, hold off a couple of days
If you’re just seeing cloudy, sounds like it’s chop time but I’d probably be chopping

I’m right in the same boat as you
I literally just did my first water only, tested a piece of a bud ( not much flavor, was a touch harsh, but no more than my street bought

Ok this is many minutes later
Gary is definitely weed

Potent too I guess

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why am I so nervous to chop these today. but I got some good pics using my phone on video and just picking out certain frames.


I got the idea from this site. can’t remember who? maybe @Hellraiser ?

Why you no choppy chop? Don’t you wanna smoke that beautiful bud?

I get why you’d be nervous wondering if it’s really ready. After waiting so long, to pull the plug a day or three too early would so suck

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Well…no matter how much I planned for my drying area, I never gave it a thought that I am too short to tie them up. so my son got me this…hope it works. had to put all in tent. way humid in there now
80. coming down slow with dehumidifier right near tent. temp is 72.


I chop chop yesterday. I cheated and it weighed 1.2 lbs. there are still some stems and it was wet. lol I hope when dry and trim it weighs at least an ounce or maybe 2. I got a couple Tangerine auto seeds from neighbor the other day. can I grow auto and 1 photo in same tent?
Have a great weekend. GO BILLS

Yes auto can go with photo… lights don’t play a role with auto’s it will flower when it wants.
Btw nice pull. I’m sure you’ll be getting better than you think dried.

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Yep, I’m doing this now as well. I have a Gelato Auto running with a Sick’O’Berry photo plant. IMO its a fairly easy way to run 2 strains since you can adjust the light schedule based on the photo plant and the auto won’t care.

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Thanks guys, good to know. I just walked into drying area and it smell like crappy wet hay. yuk. is this just because drying?

Chlorophyll starting to break down. It will start to pass during drying and fully pass with a good cure.

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It’s only been 4 days maybe 5 that I am drying. it feels so crunchy already and fluffy.
I tested water content and some is 14 and some 13 already. rut ro. any ideas ? my rh is 50% but temp is 75. rh was in 40s yesterday. the first day rh was 70s after washing.

@EarlyBear sorry took so long to answer. I am a retired stained glass artist. thought I would make a few buffalo bills for friends. lol. Facebook gets around. I have made 87 so far.

The crunchy stuff is stuff you will trim before smoking… so no worries there.
I have personally never washed my bud or tested it’s water content so can’t help you there.
I honestly don’t even look at my dry area for at least 10days. Once I start smelling marijuana from the cabinet I check. I base my cure on when I hear the stems crack and not bend.

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thanks again. stems are not breaking. good thing. I sure didn’t want to be dry so quick.

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