I am lost with flowering stage

You’ve been in flower for the better part of 8 weeks. Maybe start thinking about what you need to make it to harvest? You can’t be that far from that point.

I wouldn’t worry about leaves at this late stage. Maybe flush the plant and be done with it?

Buds look really nice…


I calculated ph when I got it. the tds doesn’t need calibration it says. anyway , I am not going to test the tds .it drives me nuts o. thank you

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Hi guys…I was hoping for next weekend? These are blurry. I see white hairs also, but not too many. They are Maui, I want it to be an afternoon delight, not couch lock.

What do you think?

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Do you think I can chop next weekend?

Nice job you got some nice looking buds but I don’t think they will be ready, too many white hairs and the brown hairs have not receded much they look like they just recently turned brown. If that was mine I would not cut but wait and reevaluate the next weekend.

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thank you ! I will wait a couple more weeks .

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Got back from the long weekend, they are starting to look decent size now. I’m enjoying the LST. The lemon candy grows really whispy and strange. I’m not sure I’m going to like growing it . I never like a freebie because they always turn into a PIA.
Anywhooo here are this week’s pics

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@beachglass I researched the strain you’re growing and seems you will get the uplifting high you’re looking for even if you harvest late. Sativa’s tend to not give you couch lock. I personally hate to smoke them because I never feel relaxed on Sativa’s. I generally end up over smoking and become paranoid :expressionless:. You’re close but I’m guessing you could drag it a few more weeks.

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Wow looking great! I have tried out my closet for drying and it’s staying at about 65 F and rh is between 48 and 52. I really hope this will be ok, as long as I don’t have to use heat.

Looks like closet will work fine.
The ideal temperature for drying is 65-75f
With a humidity of 45-55. Use a fan for light air movement in there… Should be dry in about 10days. just to point out I have had fluctuations and have never had a problem. You just don’t want huge swings away for the ideal.Have you chopped all your plants or just starting?

@beachglass by the way what’s pictured is very nice. Your definitely gonna be happy in the end.

I haven’t chopped any. u thought needed a couple more weeks. I will check this weekend

Ah thought you already started a couple… n yep I do think you can go longer… honestly you’ll get tighter buds you wait it out.
Unfortunately you’re going to end up bored for a bit while you get a new grow started. It pains me to wait but electricity wise I can’t have 2 tents going to do a continuous grow. I grow for myself and family. they do donate to my grow but nowhere near what it actually costs :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

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@Mr_Wormwood @BigItch @oldmarine @plumbdand
I may have a problem. leaves are turning yellow and brown. so close to harvest. some look ok to chop, but still white hairs.

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I would not sweat the yellowing leaves too much at this late stage. They gonna do that some

The white hairs that remain… foxtailing perhaps?
If you are not already checking trichomes I’d start

They look milky but pics kind of blurry

The look really nice though

But disclaimer I’m still a beginner too so my advice should be tempered with all the other opinions


The plant can flower all the way up to harvest.

This looks like foxtailing.

Usually a sign your plant is ready to harvest.

I really don’t know what foxtail is. growing on top of each other?

Yes new immature material forming on the already matured bud


Looks like it’s very close to harvest. I would be looking daily and consider just using plain ph’d water from here on out. The leaves should look like this at the end of the grow.
You do have minor foxtailing so if you are 30-40 amber I would go for it.
On a side note. If you feel like some are ready and some are not…clip and hang what you like and continue to grow what’s not ready.


“Cannabis foxtailing is a phenomenon in which the buds of a cannabis plant start growing abnormal spires or tips. Read on for an overview of foxtailing, what causes it, and how it can affect your overall harvest.”

What Is Cannabis Foxtailing And What Causes It?

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