I am looking for an easy to grow outdoor plant in Southern California

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I am looking for an easy to grow outdoor plant in Southern California. I have a south facing backyard in Orange County, Zone 10. What do you suggest?


Sour Diesel would be my first choice, but any of the Kush strains are good. Jack Herer, White Widow, pure Afghan etc. I’m a photo period plant grower so can’t speak on auto flower. I do believe a photo is a better beginner’s choice too.


I grew 5 different strains outdoors last summer with great Southern exposure, in North San Diego County. The indicas both got light burned. If I grew them again, I would put up some shade cloth to block the midday sun. The Blue Cheese plant did very well with full sun. So did the Cookies Kush.

Don’t forget to spray BT or spinosad weekly, without fail. Caterpillars were a bitch.


Caterpillars sucked! I ended up with insect cloth to beat them.

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I’m in North County San Diego and did my first grow last season outdoors in 12 gallon pots. Robert’s seeds did really well! Blueberry was exceptional. The Gold Leaf, Pineapple Haze, and Strawberry Kush did well too. I attached a few pics of the Blueberry.

Like BigFella said, be sure to spray BT or Spinosad weekly, especially BEFORE you see signs of the devil worm critters. Happy Growing!Blueberry Last Rights ILGMBB CloseupILG

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I was slow to start spraying and I fought a lot of caterpillars. I harvested one plant and hung the stems up in the bedroom, and I woke up with a damned caterpillar biting my arm!