I am looking for advice if these purple hazes are ready for harvest

Purple Haze
Location is Australia
Do you think they are ready to be harvested? I can see that the pistils are turning brown but not sure if I should wait more; this is the first time I grew marijuana.
Thanks for your help


Closer look of the buds—— 2-3 weeks ?


Damn you should be proud of those they’re beautiful… they will still fill out a bit more haze can take a while to ripen up (like 10-15 weeks total flower time) Haze is one of the few strains that the trichomes may never turn amber but they will cloud up very nice because of the thai x they could turn purple, I would let them go until they start self defoliation (leaves yellow or possibly purple) and the pistils are dark and curled up against the buds. I’m going to guess they’ll go another 3-5 weeks those buds can get as big around as your arm. I can’t see the size of the whole plant but I’ve grown some haze that dried over 12 pounds of buds.


I has been raining for a while and now I just found a few moldy buds in them.
What should I do? :frowning:

@Cannabian is an outdoor grower. Different climate I think but should be able to help ya.

Remove the moldy buds and be prepared to harvest, especially if you cant cover your plants. You can sometimes carefully snip the moldy part of the bud off but the spores are spread easily.

You got some plumping to do… purple haze is one of the most resistant strains out there… disease mold and pest… where is the mold… picture… I’ve grown probably 50+ PH one of my favs …her what my PH good buds look like when done

just a couple …top ones not done but they get chunkey

yep, that is what I did; harvested them, I cut off the infected buds and throw them away and am drying the rest of the plant; A/C on with fan on slow speed for the first 24 hours so the surface moisture quickly gone and now continuing drying the slow method for 2 weeks.
I think my main damage was not the rot but loosing THC; this was the first time I grew marijuana and did not know much but I think rain will wash off the trichomes? because these buds are not sticky when I compare them with the one plant I harvested just before the start of the rain. What is your experience with this effect of rain? Have you been growing outdoor for some time?

Rain will not wash off the trichomes unless it’s a very cold and icy rain. I bud wash all of my outdoor plants at the end of the season. :slight_smile:

Nope rain is ok… the problem is wet buds for too long and a couple mold spores… they exist everywhere in nature… makes for a moldy bud. High humidity and cool temps can also do this even if your bud is covered. The best thing is to select weed that will finish on time for your climate. If you can, create a way to cover them close to the end game as the fall sets in.
Also, caterpillars and other insects may take a dump in your bud or kill a small section of bud and that area will begin to compost and decay, that sets off rot as well.