I am interested in growing Bruce banner


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I am interested in growing Bruce banner #3 indoor can you give me advice it will be my first time growing and plan on trying 4/6 plants. can you grow Bruce Banner In a hydroponic system thanks


Yes you can grow in hydro system
Ill tag @Donaldj in on this hes a hydro guy im a soil guy
Bruce Banner can get big so some training techniques will be needed
What type of space are you working with and equipment?
Youllneed a decent amount of space for 6 plants in full flower
They are small during early stages and starting to many fir a limited space is easy to do
Join is here so we can help guide you
Here a few links you may want to read up on


These should get you started


Thanks I’m thinking of using 5.5 gorilla tent hydroponic system from supercloset with l750 led light Do you think I need a bigger tent Thanks forgetting back to me