I am in the flowering stage and my leaves are starting to lighten up and turn yellow. Can anyone with this problem?

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Congrats, you are flowering!! Trichomes and pistils and calyxes and all. The yellowing of the bigger and older leaves is natural as the plant is focusing more towards flowering. How long have they appeared to flower? Most do a defoliation after a few weeks to open up the bud sites for more sun and air. @oldmarine is guy a bug the crap out of and has really good defol info. Happy growing!

Pick off the yellow and dying leaves, other than that I wouldn’t touch them as they look great. @Tc this time of year I like most have to give them an extra shot of nitrogen as we are still a bit from harvest time.

Thanks for the info

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Yes I have been removing the dying leaves,but thank you.

No problem. I defoliated mine a little early and it accelerated the yellowing of what I didn’t take off. The buds and smaller leaves connected to them are fine. Just keep an eye on her if you do, and maybe a feeding after.

They started flowering about a week and a half

I would wait another week to week and a half because the yellowing doesn’t seem to prominent on yours. Some more experienced growers will have some better info to give. Considering I jumped in like two days after it started and it almost sucked too much energy from the rest of the plant.