I am in China,Is there any Chinese here?






Hello nice to meet you. I come from China, but I want to visit your country.


As I would love to visit China. Do you grow and if so please post pictures as we love pictures. Please stop in and visit the garden. Here we talk about everything but politics. Very nice people on this forum.


I don’t know how to delete it😂To tell the truth, I can’t speak English.If there is a chance, I want to go to your place to have a look, or you can come to my place to have a look.


Hi @tanxiaodi nice to meet you welcome to the friendliest place on earth


Yeah i dont think id want to grow in china definetly the death penitly if you get caught


not like this,It is to see the quantity held, Months to years or more than a decade


Yes, it’s really friendly here. I also learned a lot of knowledge. I’m glad to join in.


Welcome to the forum!

I almost went over there to help teach English. Was invited by a man visiting here a few years ago.

As much as I wanted to go, I couldn’t. My wife won’t fly and I felt it would be disrespectful to go without knowing anything about the Chinese language.

I’d have to visit the countryside because I hate being in cities…


Welcome to the forum @tanxiaodi
If i can assist you just let me know tag me by
Putting @ symbol in front of my user name
Like i did ro yours
Happy growing


Oh thank you.@Countryboyjvd1971


If you have the chance you are welcome to come😊


Please be careful. I don’t know if they are horror stories or not, but word in America is that China would not be a good place to get caught growing.

I do applaud your sense of freedom though…


Yeah, I know I will be careful😁


I am 1/8 Chinese. But I am fortunate to live in California where it’s legal to grow 6 flowering plants.
Be very careful.


What is one-eighth?


He means one of his great grandparents was of Chinese descent.

Welcome to the forum and BE CAREFUL!


@tanxiaodi I visited Hong Kong and Kowloon in 1978, many changes since then.

Welcome to the forum, you are inspiration to me.:+1::grin:


I know thank you