I am having a big issue a calcium and magnesium

I need some cal mag what is the best one and what one do you use post a pic you you would like

I use advanced nutrients but if u need something right away u can get it at Wally World. Any brand will work it’s all the same

This is what I use:

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Can you post an image showing the problem you’re seeing? Rarely do calcium and magnesium problems show up simultaneously.


You’ve got a magnesium deficiency. What is your Ph?

6.9. 5.5 6.9 6.5 that is my soil

Do you have any epsom salts on hand? Start at one eighth or one quarter of a teaspoon per gallon of nutrient solution and see how that works. It doesn’t take much so it’s good to start at a low dose. If more is needed increase the amount in small increments.

I have use Epsom salt 1 teaspoon per gallon but not ever time

The 6.9 is a little high and the 5.5 is quite low, that one needs a flush to get the Ph up. The others I would add some Cal Mag or Epsom salt.

Do I need to put salt In my flush water

No, just Ph plain water to 6.8, and run it through her till the runoff is around 6.3. You might not get all the way there and might have to do another flush in the future, but try. Then add some Epsom salt to the last gallon.

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Do this asap I just water them yesterday

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