I am happy and proud of my 6.5"

Lol. Just a picture of my. Ak 47 autoflower on. Day 61 from seed growing in a 1.5 gallon pot. The buds are sooo dense and smells like fruity pebble. My nutes is fox farm tiger and big bloom and microbe for additives


That flower is huge !

It’s as big as a beer can

Looks like killer smoke ! :yin_yang:

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Thanks yea I can’t wait to taste it

Here are some picture of my 2nd ak 47 auto on day 61. Im impress with what a few cfl and a 300w mars hydro panel can do

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@Code420tv looks yummy those are going to be tasty nuggets

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The smell is like fruity pebble amazing

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Yeah my white widows are really starting to get stinky but they just smell like weed . I like the way fruity pebbles smell bet those buds taste good .mine are in the final 2 weeks and really starting to resin up .

I have about 10 days left on this one and about 7 days left on my other ak 47 and my other ak 47 was smelling good in the beginning but in around week 6 to 7 it had a weed like smell but now on week 8 is kinda coming back but now she smell a little weedy with a small scent of bubblegum weird😕 …this is my first time trying this strain but from what I heard from other people is that is a very strong high and smooth with a sweet and spicy taste…

I am on the edge of my seat waiting for mine to be finished and cured to get a taste everyone on here says how nice this W/ W strain is to smoke and they look good so I have high hopes


That looks amazing. Lol the hardest part of growing is waiting ugh. Your buds looks so good. that’s going to be my next grow I order w.w and super skunk both autos about 3 days ago


I really should order some autos all I have so far are photo fems the quick grow and not having to mess around with the lights is appealing.

I love autos with my set up I get to supply my self with about 4 to 6 oz every. 3 weeks. I love autos. But If I had the space I would like to grow a regular size maybe ill convince my mom to use a piece of her property land lol

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