I am going to try harvesting my own

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I live in Minneapolis/St. Paul area of the world. I have neuropathy so bad it’s hard to function in life. I do have my Medical Card but MN only sells oils. And it is so bloody expensive. I had to stop. Now I am going to try harvesting my own. So what i am looking for is an easy growing pure Indica (I think) plant. One that will adapt work in MN weather. I was looking there your info and I thought Northern Lights, pure Indica. I will have to grow it in 5 gal bucket. Will you please give me your thoughts?

Pure indica should stay short and compact for you

I grew a Northern Lights fem from ILGM my last grow. Very easy to grow. Plant stayed low but I also scrogged her. The smoke is really smooth and the high is very relaxing. NL would be a good choice. I’m currently growing a gold leaf which is also short and bushy.

Yeah, NL is always a recommended “starter” strain because it can handle a lot of abuse and still survive whilst being good as far as pest and fungus resistance goes. Was the first I tried to grow and thought I could get a decent yield growing on a west-facing windowsill that gets little to no direct sunlight per day, I ended up in hospital for a week and a half so she wasn’t looked after properly, she was then put under inadequate lighting with little to no proper ventilation, yet somehow survived and did produce a couple of g of smokeable. Tough little blighters, that’s for sure.

Another one that struck my mind, and I ain’t sure if ILGM sell it, is the Big Bang Auto as, iirc, it’s quite happy with temps down to 10°C or 50°F so that sorts out the “MN Climate” part…

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