I am fascinated with this whole process


I have decided to go with seven gallon pots I had outside on the patio. They both fit nicely in our spare bathtub with white surround and light up in the center above. Will never get disturbed here and will be easy to flush once the time comes. Thank so much for your advice. Much appreciated!


Great! Am glad to see the girls get a bit more root room. I grew my outdoor in 10gal fabric and got a decent yield.

Enjoy your grow, we are here to help!


Could I just get your opinion on how long this Blueberry Auto has to go, have jammed in a heap of knowledge here but first time grow since being an exited teenager with no knowledge. The amount of time needed to flush and nail that peak time? Have got two others same age (8 weeks) Amnesia Haze and Northern Lights that if permitted to post a picture of each as definitely a bit behind the Blueberry but they seem to be powering up as having trouble getting my head around the fast cycles. In saying that these three stayed in the seed propagation box almost a week longer than the latest two I have going,but following a few no bullshit , opposite to the popular belief posts on here have more confidence to succeed.


Here we are 10 days later and finally my plant is turning into a bush! Remember, I did not go out and buy anything specials for this grow. Using my photography bulbs, pots I have sitting around and Foxfarm soil. I am training the branches while they are young as we used to do that for plants on the farm to get them to grow one way or the other, although they never had this many offshoots. Just wanted to show you the progress I have made since I last posted. Peace out, all :slight_smile: