I am fascinated with this whole process

I am 63 yrs young and have grown vegetables for years but never weed. Many friends have, but my first time. I decided to do it because I have constant pain from Fibro and am tired of living with it. Hoping using a tincture will help as we will be selling our home and will be full time RV’ers and I want to enjoy my time out on the road.

So I bought Black Widow. I am now three weeks into my grow and am learning so much. I did the water method to get two of the seeds to sprout. One sprouted right away and the other split, but the root did not emerge from it. I planted the first one and waited another week for the other one to root. It looked like it was doing nothing so I thought, what the heck and split it open with my fingernails. Planted it and it is growing fine :slight_smile:

Tomorrow I am going to transplant them into my 3 gallon pots. Here is a photo of my two babies. What do you think? Does everything look okay?


Looks nice. They have really nice stem!!

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Thank you! Not really sure what I’m doing but I don’t think it is that much different from growing tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, etc. I check my PH every other day and it has been averaging 6.4 - 6.9. I just use the water from our facet which comes from our well.

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What are you using for soil? How often are you watering, and what lights/how close? I see some upwards cupping.

Otherwise they look really good. :+1:

Nice job. Looking healthy.

I am using FoxFarm Ocean soil. The lights are about 8" away but they are getting moved this weekend. I was wondering what was causing the leaves to curl upward. I’m using my photography lights and they have a fan in them. 5600K. The plants are also in my 12" photo cube. They are getting moved into my 3’ X 3’ photo cube this weekend. Using all of my photo stuff instead of buying special stuff.

Thank you for your tip about the light!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I just can’t get over the skunk smell at this young development of the plants. I went to let the dogs out and walked into the garage and my first smell was skunk and I immediately thought about how could they smell that strong over here and then released someone had hit one out on the road LOL!!!

Hope yours are growing well! :blush:

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I’d bring the lights up just a bit. That’s probably all it is.

It’s probably time for a transplant too. My rule of thumb is to transplant once the leaves reach the outer perimeter of their container.

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Same here. Unless you want small plants.

Thanks. It’s going really well so far.

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Don’t lie. Your plants look amazing :+1:

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Looks great.
Skip the 3 gallon pots though.
As you are a gardener realize that this is a weed, grows like one, and hates transplanting.
Go from seedling to forever home if at all possible!
I would recommend 10 gallons :slight_smile:

Good luck with your boondocking life!

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I don’t want to jinx anything lol. Thanks though. Just transplanted 10 clones tonight too.

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That’s a lot of clones.

That’s after I gave 5 to the owner of the grow store and there are 8 left that “could” be planted but didn’t make the cut.

I’m thinking the 3 gallon with be there forever place. The is supposed to be more of a bushy variety and does not grow real tall.

I like growing indica dominant strains also.

Are making tinctures with them?

I like indica because the colas are so big and dense.


The 3 gallon pots will not be sufficient. Bush varieties do not have smaller root masses, the plant above ground just forms in a nice organized manner.

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