I am debating getting the 120 or the 160. What are better?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I will be getting into growing pretty soon and have a 2x4 Gorilla tent on the way. I am thinking of getting 2 Mars Hydro Mars Pro II Epistar LED Grow Lights for it. I am debating getting the 120 or the 160. Would the 160 be too much or overkill or would it be better than having 2 of the 120?

You need 400 true watts for that size tent. I have same size and use three lights. Two 105 watt and a 400 watt which is really only a 205 true watt light for a total of 415 true watts.

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You need two of the 160s

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The 120 model
Draw power:110V:Growth:83W±5%|Bloom:260.5W±5% 220V:Growth81W±5%|Bloom:253.5W±5%

and the 160 model
Draw power:110V:Growth:170W±5%|Bloom:362W±5% 220V:Growth166W±5%|Bloom:352W±5%

Assuming that 400 true watts is what is needed as mentioned, then I suppose that the 120 model times 2 should be adequate? Correct??

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how much are you planning on spending @Gmoney72 ?


I think I see where your going @BIGE HLG? Would be much cheaper.
Just hate to totally get into the whole thing and bring in the lighting experts unless he decides to join us.


You guys know that I cringe when I read the word epistar haha! @BIGE

@Gmoney72 please don’t buy two of either of those without looking at some other options! What was the price you found on the two different models? And what’s your budget for lighting?


The 160 is around $335
The 120 around $265


Yikes! Hopefully you guys caught this before he purchased anything.

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What would you guys suggest for that price range in a 2x4 tent? I am just recently starting to look into this and don’t want rush and waste my money on crap. Thanks guys for responding! Appreciate all the input I can get!


yea,lights are very important in growing…maybe the most important??? some would argue i bet,but i know for a fact if you throw money at chinese/cheap lights you will not be happy.
cut that step out. buy or build something that you will get great results in your small space…
stay away from the blurple lights…


@Gmoney72, @dbrn32 is top notch when it comes to lights!
he has helped several of us with lighting issues… diy kits, i built some strip lights that are awesome,or guide you to a great light that will do it right the first time!


For a 2x4 there’s a handful of ways you can with a diy project. If you’re looking to plug in and do nothing more, Horticulture lighting group quantum boards are probably the most popular option. Timber grow lights has a couple of options too. For the money you were looking at spending, fluence has a couple of options too.

There’s not quite as much out for the 2x4 as the square options, but I’m sure we can find something.


I use a mh/hps combo so I don’t have any insite to led but these guys will get you pointed in the right direction.

Sorry I thought the 120-160 was the true draw

Thanks dbrn32!
Here’s another one that I found and that I would be able to get locally. Which would be a huge bonus!
Sorry, this might be alot of info but let me know what you think. It is made in the US.
Here it is!

California Lightworks SolarSystem 275 Full Cycle

Solar System 275 Features:

• Programmable spectrum control
• One remote controller to control a virtually unlimited number of fixtures
• Automated programs for sunrise/sunset, spring/summer/fall, dark period, and final finishing modes
• Flexible networking: Internet gateway and smartphone control options;
• Designed for easy integration with environmental controllers
• Daisy-chainable up to 1000 fixtures
• High Power Osram LEDs - rated at 50,000 hours
• Cooling fans - rated at 50,000 hours; water-resistant and user-replaceable
• High-performance house-made custom LED drivers
• Plug-and-play design - no external ballasts or ducting required
• Unique design limits shadow effect in greenhouses
• Optimal spectrum for both veg and bloom
• High power output and low heat - perfect for large indoor grow operations
• Automatic voltage regulation: 90 – 277 volts
• Lightweight and easy to install – only 7 pounds
• Local support and grow room design
• 5-Year Limited Warranty
• IP65 waterproof rated
• UL listed
• Made in California (USA) with love


Model/SKU: SolarSystem 275/ss275

Wattage draw: 200 watts at maximum output

HPS equivalent: 400 watts

LEDs: Top-Bin OSRAM diodes; 50,000+ hour lifespan

Spectrum: Red, white, blue; for vegetative growth and flowering

Total PPF Output: 439 umol/s

PAR efficiency: 2.2 umol/s

Coverage area:

Veg: up to 5' x 5' (25 sq ft)
Bloom: 3' x 3' (9 sq ft)

Thermal management: Water resistant and replaceable fans; 50,000 hour lifespan

Daisy chain: Yes, up to 1000 fixtures

Dimensions: 8.5" x 8.5" x 4"

Operating temperature: 0°F to 107°F

Operating/input voltage: 90-277 VAC;

Maximum current: 1.65A @ 120V; .8A @ 240V;

Frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz

Heat output: 640 BTU

Power factor: >0.95

Product weight: 7 lbs

Recommended height above plants: dependent on application and growth stage

Product includes: Fixture, 6’ power cord, communications cable

Recommended for:

Vegetative growth and flowering stages
Grow tents and grow rooms

Manufacturer’s warranty: 5-year limited

Thanks again!!

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They’re a very reputable manufacturer. The cost per ppf is a little high, but that’s kind of what you run into when you get into the more efficient lights.

In comparison, the timber 4 cob citizen rail has identical ppf and a better spread for coverage is $380.

Thanks again!
Not sure I want to assemble myself so I would probably prefer one that is pre-assembled.
Have you heard of these guys?
Advanced Platinum Series P450 450w 12-band LED Grow Light - DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM

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You can buy lights from timber and quantum boards pre assembled, ready to hang and plug in. The light I mentioned earlier is such.

Yes the advanced lights are decent, but you’re going backwards in my opinion.

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I think the advance platinum and Cali light work is to expensive. They might be a little bit better then my cheap roleadro cobs, but I’m sure loving the results I’m getting

but I wish you the best either way you go