I am curious - does topping and fimming and scrogging to produce more colas lessen the bud’s potency?

Hi there - still a new grower - I’ve been on this forum for four months now and have learned so much from everyone and from my plants :blush:

I’m not certain if the question in my topic has been answered somewhere on a thread - if anyone knows - feel free to direct me. Otherwise - answers are welcome.

Thanks in advance - and happy growing to all!


@Momtomask I’ve never had any issues with potency while filming topping or scroging you just get more As long as you feed it and treat it right


Topping and fimming will not change the potency. It will however produce more flowers of a more consistant size all over the plant rather than a large top cola and smaller side colas


I am a big fan of LST methods to produce more colas :+1:t3:

And my bonsai


If you work with photoperiod plants, supercropping will produce HUNDREDS of tops, done right. If the supporting plant can feed itself the plants do great. For indoor growers it makes sense to absolutely maximize that expensive real estate.


Topping, fiming and pruning do not affect the plants potency. They increase the number of prime branches the plant thinks it has so it makes more colas. You slow down the veg stage and get bigger root balls that take up the extra nutes it needs. Using a Scrog allowas you to grow a six foot tall plant in a three foot space so you get bigger buds all over but still smaller than say a single un topped cola.


These were both 5 months from seed at harvest. Grown in coco and Amazon LED’s.

Got 12 oz of manicured bud off of one and 10 plus on the other.


I can’t see the pic but that’s a nice yield for sure :+1:t3:

The pic is loaded now! Awesome!!

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That is rad!!
Love it!!


I am a bit late but this is a great question/thread @Momtomask. I learned a lot reading through all of the replies. Thanks for posting the question.

By the way, how is your Clone Army doing? Mine is marching along, some will get new, larger pots today or tomorrow.

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The clone army is doing great - I think I may need to go to Cloners Anonymous right after the LST Annonymous. I can’t stop myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I get it, I am forcing myself to NOT clone the Clone Army and am starting a new grow from seed when the Clone Army is done. Cloning is compelling (and fast) but I think I have too much to learn from a new seed start. I will clone the new grow so I can learn more about cloning.

After that, I have not idea where I will take it. Will decide when the time comes.

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For me the clones just get me a two week head start on growing and I treat them just like a plant I grow from seed. (Except for the nutes) What I like about growing with the clones - is I seem to be so much more relaxed about the process. I am willing to take a few more risks with them because I know in the back of my mind I can make more. Thank you again @willyj for making that last sentence possible!

Eventually, I do want to get more seeds just for variety sake - but even when I have done that - I will clone those plants too (if my patients like the smoke).

Right now - I haven’t harvested either the Purple Haze or the Super Silver Haze but just in case it’s a big hit - I have lots of clones going for both those strains.

Just my 2 cents :blush:


Agreed! As of my recent order I will have seeds for five strains, although only 5 each of the haze strains. I will definitely clone the haze plants because my budget for more seeds and more hardware is near zero, going forward.

Cloning is just such a rush…:sunglasses::crazy_face::+1::rofl: