I am attempting my first indor grow

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

My name is Levi and I am attempting my first indor grow. I have very limited resources/funds!
I’m currently using 80 watt fluorescent fixture, and 420watts LED (7 Lamps). My strain is Night Howler. Had a decent size plant when I found and decided to try the main-lining technique and topped it down to the 3rd node. At first it was slow healing and starting back up. Then it was doing great when I thought maybe my sealed pot was way too heavy from largely over-watering.
I added a drain hole and released about a half gallon of water. The reason for believing it was over-watered was to the amount of aphids that were now eating my plant.
Attached is a current picture(7/6/18) of my plant. 4-5 weeks after topping and training for main-lining. The right side seems to be dying, however the left side seems to be doing fairly well. Minus the fast leaf discoloration.
Currently can’t afford a fan for air movement but it is in a large room, approx. 20’x20’. Have only used Jobe’s plant food stakes.
HELP!!! Any cheap or free tricks or cheats would me extremely helpful.
Also, I have 4 garlic cloves in the stakes oil and a whole banana peel cut up in the stakes oil oil probably 1".

If you can you need to either vent the crap out of that bucket (1/2" holes all over the bottom and up the sides 6" or repot into a better container. Cannabis needs drainage and really benefits from going from wet to completely dry.

Get rid of the tree spikes! You will burn the plant. On that note: if you are in some kind of potting soil with added fertilizer you will be fighting that too.

THE most important thing you can do is PH your water. PH 6.5 in soil (6.3 to 6.8) and 5.8 in media. If you don’t, you will in all likelihood be fighting a sick plant it’s whole life. A usable digital meter is less than $15 on Amazon. Don’t waste your money on the soil type. In that price range they are worthless.

Do not remove any more leaf material until she has recovered. If you aren’t careful she will hermaphrodite on you from the stress.

If you join the forum it will be easier to communicate. I’m calling in a couple of pros: @garrigan62, @Donaldj, @Bogleg you manifold I know. @MattyBear @dbrn32 what about lighting on a budget?

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Thanks for tag, I would think some fans probably in order before doing anything with light. But definitely agree that joining the group will pay off big time.

I think for a first grow manifold is pretty aggressive. Takes a long time to get to to harvest anyway. And you probably shouldn’t just be expecting to throw organic material into your pot as food either. That stuff needs to be composted and broken down over time. All stuff you could learn plenty about amongst the forum.

I forgot that, thanks!

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Well just what I thought when I first saw your pic Overwatering. And you verified it for me. Just let her dry out real good say 4 lr 5 days then re-start watering. She will re-coop.