I am amazed at how complicated growing has become


I have learned so much about growing here, thank you all for sharing your thoughts, ideas and rituals. I have tried to read as much as I can and seem to find one common thread, problems with nutrients, pH’s etc. affecting several peoples grows, has anyone really figured out what is the correct procedure? I grow outside and have never checked a pH, (wouldn’t know how) I use minimal nutrients (cost efficient) and these are rotated on a weekly basis an occasional pinch of blood meal and a grain or 2 of rose food and Alaskan Fish stuff. I guess my question is what is the difference by growing indoors vs outdoors the amount, type, pH? Hope this makes sense. :woman_farmer:t4:


Outdoor in the ground is certainly different. The whole idea remember, with an indoor grow you have to control the parameters so why not make the conditions ideal? Outdoors, other than initial soil amendments you will be stuck with whatever you start with. Soil is going to buffer ph and it so happens that cannabis is happiest in a fairly benign environment. They aren’t azaleas!

If it were me I would do a soil slurry test and amend it until you are in the 6.0 to 6.5 range. No reason to run unleaded gas in your race car haha!


@Myfriendis410 I use 5 gal buckets and let’s see I had 6 girls and harvested a pound+ with minimal stuff! LMAO no not azaleas, just a ‘damn weed’ that grows like one! :woman_farmer:t4::woman P1010359|688x500


Like @Myfriendis410 says… even indoors you hear of people getting away without any ph issues. Lime acts like a buffer, so if that’s in your soil it can help. Could also be that your water is ph close enough to ideal.

As far as nutrients go, there are only a few that too little causes issues you will see. Generally speaking the others just keep you from maximizing yield. Being somewhere between none and too much is usually a pretty good place to be.




It mostly becomes complicated when you take it indoors and/or push for maximum yield.


Yes, outdoor grows produce big plants with big yields. There are growers that get multiple pounds from 1 plant but it takes time too. That’s the third leg of the equation.

An all natural outdoor grow is cool! But who’s to say you couldn’t get 2 pounds per plant with different resource management? We’re all tinkering with our setups and really all you want is smooth potent tasty weed! :blush:

I on the other hand grow indoors and typically harvest between 8 and 13 oz per plant FROM A 4 MONTH grow. Many here do better than that!

I wish I had your space with that sunny exposure!


@Myfriendis410 was just curious. I guess I wanted to understand why? I don’t pinch either. I guess you might say I’m ancient school. I may not have worded it right. I am doing my 1st winter grow and as we speak waiting for my little greenhouse to arrive. At any rate curiosity and you know the rest :woman_farmer:t4:


No sweat haha! You have been righteously bitten, madam! Hahaha! This is a fun hobby and great folks here just waiting to see your gorgeous plants.


Hey Gal,
Check my posts on my first winter grow in my cellar. Whole new can of worms.
Humidity, condensation on the tent walls, fungus gnats, and rust fungus.
I started the '17/'18 crop of five end of September. Dues to set backs, I don’t think I’ll start flowering until March 1st. Looking forward to a few clones to grow outside. A greenhouse guy is helping with
a “clone for clones”. Will be delivering next warm weekend. Quick question, how do you keep the deer, etc. off you outdoor grows? I’m planning on leaving them in the pots on my deck. 100% sunshine.


@Ozzimotosan1 Good morning and high! I will check your pics I love to see others’ babies! Believe it or not I live in a regular neighborhood with fences etc They are not in the open so fortunately I don’t have to worry, I have a rat terrier that loves to chase lizards and will dig and undermine my ‘bench’ so I have to outsmart him and build a fortress!!! :woman_farmer:t4: Get some deer and pest repellant or those electric things that we can’t hear. If worse comes to worse put an electric fence (solar) around the perimeters. 100% sunshine they’ll thrive. Just make sure to check the outside of your pots when the sun hits them the roots are like in a oven. Where I live it’s HOT


Between you and @Willd I am planning on putting a plant or two outside. I don’t have the unobstructed sunlight I’d like but think I can make it work in one spot. However, I will veg the plant indoors so she has a good head start.

I do think fabric pots would be better than buckets for your grow. If they’re stationary probably 30 gallon.


@Myfriendis410 Mornin’ I have to be able to handle, move, turn etc because I am in a w/c. Just getting the soil to my backyard is a major accomplishment. Filling 8 30 gal. bags would be what constituted a national debt. It’s just me so I focus more on quality than quantity. 6 plants last summer was just perfect but I may go 8 if I get that many females. Being in a w/c puts a whole new prospective on growing it all has to be workable, liftable, diggable and easy!! :woman_farmer:t4::peace_symbol:


That would add a whole new dimension to growing, wouldn’t it? I’m assuming you drop them in a hole to gain more access when they’re big but that makes sense.

I have grown with 15 gallon and moved them every day but that gets pretty old. I’ll be 60 in April so not a young pup any more.


@Myfriendis410 Got you beat youngster! I am almost 70 and still chugging along. Also my ground is DG and is like cement when time to dig, the shovel just kinda bounces back at ya!!:woman_farmer:t4: