I am a sufferer of extreme insomnia


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I am a sufferer of extreme insomnia. I was in Nimbin a short while ago and found out that there are very different plants. The short leaved plant is better for sleeping. Please could you give me some advice.”


You are interested in Indica in all likelihood, but whatever strain you choose should be predicated on the description of the benefits and uses. If you are growing your own, allowing the trichomes to mature beyond normal ought to provide additional benefits as a sleep aid.


It sounds like you are looking fir an Indica dominant strain. Blueberry, or OGKush, or Gold Leaf from our seed shop would do you just right.


I use a high indica strain about an hour before bedtime. I sleep like a log now. My wife says I’ve even quit snoring. Pure indica is a really nice laid back sleepy high. I also like northern lights if I want to get something done in the hour or so before bed. Hope this helps.


I smoke daily and I use a indica strain to sleep. I usually stick with my Girl Scout Cookies (my fav!).


Northern Lights in the evening works for me


CBN is the cannabinol you seek

if you are in a medicinal state, that was a primary reason I got my recommendation and I have found CBN tinctures and CBN focused flower from time to time (Club M just had 1)

Otherwise, waiting long to harvest to full amber trics , I have heard as well but have not tested. Improper storage of herb will result in a change of certain parts of THC to change to CBN as well.

you will need to look up specifics

if you ALSO have ADD (or ADHD), might I suggest Durban Poison ONLY until noon or mid afternoon, about the same time you should be dropping caffeine from your regimen

Durban Poison is a a hardcore landrace sativa that to me and my group, is like a shot of espresso. The opposite of what sounds like the obvious solution of indica.

It is really hard to sit still with Durban, so I have found, I have used up way more energy by the end of the day because of using that strong of a sativa that early in the day. When I switch to Indica when the days work is done (and it is usually done in a VERY timely manner when Durban Poison is used early in the day), that is when indica at night TRULY becomes effective for me

but I have ADD and an insomniac. if you don’t have ADD, this could be a really bad idea. To me, Durban is like adderall; it actually stabilizes me. My less ADD friends it makes them clean their house. If you are like me, and don’t drink caffeine after noon or mid afternoon because of the insomnia, use a strong sativa early in the day, and switch to indica ONLY when the work is done and it is time to get in rest mode.

it works for me. ymmv. i am not a doctor, a lawyer, or an actor, but i play one on TV


you do know that GSC is a Durban Poison/OG Kush hybrid, right? :wink: