I am a beginner, and I have never been very good at keeping plants alive

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I am a beginner, and I have never been very good at keeping plants alive. I live in Vermont, and as of July 1st., it is now legal to grow small amounts of weed (two mature plants) and (four immature plants). Well I have been paying for my weed for 45 years and decided to try to grow my own. I had saved six seeds from a variety different strains (all very good) . I germinated all six of them before I was prepared to grow. Got off to a great start, all six seeds germinated nicely. By week 4, I had six, eight inch plants. Next I aquired a 3’x3’x60" grow tent, and 1200w LED light. Then I needed a filter, fan and duct. Well it was a bit of a rocky start, but I now have two Sativa, and two Indicas in the tent in there 5th week of flowering. I scrogged the Sativas, and just let the Indicas grow through the net. All four plants are in full bloom, probably around 75 to 80 flowers/buds. Will be harvesting middle of August, can’t wait !! I also transplanted the other two plants outdoors, they are also doing great after a quick battle with little flies that look like a wedge. Two shots of organic pesticide, and they haven’t returned. I am concerned that they may freeze on me in October before they are ready to harvest. I’ve been pretty lucky for being a beginner, but I have spent quite a bit of money, and put a lot of lobor into my new hobby. I have to say, I look forward to opening my tent every day…


Sounds like you have everything under control. Your tent must be pretty crowded and smelling wonderful. I live in the NEK and harvested my first indoor grow in May. I also enjoyed opening up my tent every day to talk with my beautiful ladies. I found it very therapeutic during the winter to have a project to keep my cabin fever under control. All my plants are outdoor right now and spread out amongst a few trusted friends. We have six different types coming in this fall. I harvested my first outdoor grow, Purple Haze, last year. I cut them down at the end of September. It stayed warm last fall so no frost issues. I have a Bubblegum plant in an earth box on my back porch right now. I will be using this from now on for all of my outdoor plants. It’s growing really well and I like the idea of being able to give it shelter if need be. Good luck with your harvest.

Lucky you to be in a Free State where you can grow without fear.
Actually no need for a filter in a Free State.
It’s a good idea to plant more seeds than you expect to harvest. That way you can keep the biggest bestest growing females to make you proud. Culling puny ones is hard to do when you ONLY have a limited amount.