I also need help making a decision (new grow tent)

I have been nursing a WW photo-period plant which I tried to grow indoors under the T5 flourescent tubes I use for starting tomatoes and peppers. Needless to say it’s grown quite spingly and meagerly. I got a SonoFarm LED 2000 light a couple weeks ago in hopes of improving said plant, then last week got a 2x4 grow tent. So now this WW plant has a proper indoor environment. It’s flowering and my timer is set for 12 on, 12 off.

In parallel I have been growing some plants outside. Most of them are crap due to mold caused by a brutally hot and humid Central Virginia summer, but the two Granddaddy Purple plant are looking really good.

So my question is: Based on the pics below, should I call the WW experiment a flop, take the planbt outside and just let ie do what it will, and put one of the GDP in the tent?

Or should I leave the WW in the tent and keep the GDPs outside since they’ve been doing pretty well out there? There’s very little direct sun in my back yard, more like ambient light with occasional direct sun for brief periods as El Sol moves between tree blockage.

I do have some more WW seeds so when these three plants are done, however they get done, I will start one or two new ones in the tent and start correctly right away.

Thanks in advance for your time and advice.

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those gdp look good why move as for the inside ww stake those buds up with some support and make sure the lite is getting to them . check your lites booklet for the correct distance from plant at flowering .
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Like @alienofasoul said. I’m growing a GDP Fem photo in side. They look good.

What I was thinking is that the WW is kind of a lost cause, and now that I have a tent and a good light, and since the GDPs get very little direct sun, maybe one of them would finish better in the tent.

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@ezwicky thats all up to you . you are your own boss . if you take the ww and put outside , it may still finish up . just give it some love and stake it up find best sunny spot. from your photo i see plenty of sunshine.if you decide to swap them ,----be careful of the wpm it will follow you into your tent if any spores stick to you or the plants . i have never grown outside but you would think their is nothing better than the real thing (sun) if its working why change it. its all up to you. sorry i cant be of more help .
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get a scroge for indoor plant to support the branches and give it a week or two cant hurt anything

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Prop up that WW in your tent and keep trying on her. Check on the height of your light and if necessary, raise it. Also, look at dimming it for a couple of days until the plant gets used to the intensity. Slowly raising the intensity over, say, 10 - 14 days.