I added lime, I have been feeding them regular food. I thought they might need nutrients (LIME) so I added it

What made you decide on Lime (PH down not really a nutrient aside from Ca./magnesium), I use in my vegetable garden when my compost is too hot (Coffee Grounds, nitrogen).
Lime is great for Neutralizing the soil. Alkaline.

Buddy I’m not an expert at this. But I think you really should flush them roots. Get some sledgehammer and follow the instructions. Your ph is way out of wack.it may be too late but they are hardy plants

They are in 5 gallon pots. How much water do I use to flush it?

3x the pot size, if no flushing agent

The real answer sounds a little like a joke…as much as it takes to get a normal PH. SO some way to collect runoff and a PH meter are gonna be necessary to do it right. I have no idea of what your methods are gonna be, but I’d push enough through slowly to get a real reading of what that rootball is living in; 6 to 7 is what you are hoping for. I also have no idea how much lime you put in and was it in solution or dry or for how long, You kinda created a little headache for yourself. Was all that lower dead plant material there before or after. I see a recommendation before I send, collect runoff and test as you go.

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Flushing plants will remove the excess buildup and help restore the soil’s pH balance. This will allow plants to resume absorbing nutrients to grow at a healthy, successful rate.To perform this type of flush, excessively water your plants with water at a pH level between 6.0-6.8 for soil and 5.5-6.5 for hydroponics. Fully saturate your pots, and repeat 15 minutes later. The flush should clear any blockage and make room for new nutrients.and I would get a ph meter I use the ph 60 works wonders

What I did when I flushed my plants I use a little plastic swimming pool to catch the run off. It was to bath my dog so I had it on hand good luck bud hope all works out for ya.

I think you might reconsider the expert part because you nailed it. It was the PH. I flushed it and we will see what happens. One plant had a PH of 5 something and the other was 8.5 As it says I am a beginner and didnt know or think to check the PH like that. Thank You for the help

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As it says, I am in the beginner section. I am learning as I go. Thanks for the advice

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Oh, Thanks again the PH was off. I now have it at 6.5 its up to the plant now. I am learning so I really appreciate the advice from you guys. It means a lot to me.Thanks again


Good luck with your grow hope everything works out for you. Happy growing

Here is my girls. This is my first time growing autos.

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