I accidentally fed my plants neuts with ph of 4 fml am I screwed?

I just fed my plants neuts and forgot to ph and when i checked it was a ph of 4… what do i do fmll im on week 4 or 5. Im in fox farms ocean forrest mixed with happy frog. Im shook help me please!


I recently did a similar thing. I fed my plant with a solution with a pH of 9.4. It damaged the plant temporarily, but there was no long-term effect. I adjusted with another watering with very low pH and the new growth came out fine, though the damaged foliage never repaired.


The new growth:


Omg thank you! So ur saying i should water it again with a higher ph of just water like now? Or next feeding? So i should expect damages from this aswell? I just added normal water with no Neuts ontop with a ph of 6.5 i was hopeing to maybe get some water in the plant it can actually use.


I mistakenly watered 4 plants for a month at pH 5.2

It didn’t kill them. Good luck


If you’re worried about it, flush them with 10 gallons of water each. That’ll reset them. You can feed them correct ph nutrients next time @Newtothisstuff


Ill probs do that if i start to see signs somthings wrong but deff flushing next week thats what it calls for on the ff fertilizers chart. Nothing changed so far

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You’ll be fine if it was just one random time. You obviously don’t want to make a habit of it! LOL!
I’ve done it myself a few times. Mixing Jacks and smoking herb go good together but I gotta be careful! LOL!
Another advantage you have is you watered low - Ph tends to rise in containers with nutes and microbes working so the FF is right in line with that.
Just hit it up in the proper range next go and you won’t notice a thing.


I heard if you’re using organic soil and the nutrients don’t put the water out of ph too drastically you don’t even need to adjust the PH? The soil buffers it itself to the correct PH, I know bio bizz soil and nutes do this, that’s why I use it :rofl: I’ve never used PH up or down this entire grow and she’s never moaned about it


Your fine just Remer how important the pH is. We have all made the same mistake as you happy growing