Hyrdoponic grow, Seedling stage too slow

2 questions:

  1. Why are the seeds growing so slow (This is the 2nd week into germination)

  2. Why arent they opening their leaves like normal seedling (also they look crunchy)

Only thing i can think of is temperature fluctuations.

Highs of 32 Degree C

Lows of 24 Degree C (Could be 22 given its hydroponics, water maybe cooler)

More than likely the plant is drowning: damping off.


What are you using for light?

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What do i do then? Isn’t the plug supposed to be moist?

What is the PH of your water. Everything is driven by proper PH. In a start seedling stage, you want anywhere for 6 -7 ph and you should be OK;

Someone asked about light. I ask too…What is your light

Not in a hydro setup. In a hydro setup you dont want the ph going above 6.

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Normal tap water PH of 7.4.


Hydro or soil does not matter to a seedling. Once you place it in a bubbler or ebb and flow you definitely wabt 5.8 pn up to 6.0 max.

I have grown hydro for 20 yeats.My seedlings are never in the system until they have 4-5 alternating nodes.

So, yes hydro ph is lower (more acidic, but not necessary for the seedlings thta are growing. :slight_smile:
thanks to help me make that clarification.

If your source water is 7.4, you might be OK when you add the 3-part because that GH nutrient contains a buffer.

Those little sprouts should not be getting any nutirnts yet. You need 4-5 alternating noes before adding nutrients. Be careful Noob. good luck. Will check in tomorrow.

The seedling can eat the nutrients stored in the cotelydons sure. So for a few days it may not matter what type of ph they get. But definitely not gonna last by the time the plant makes it to its 5th node.
In my experience, letting the plant eat all of its stored nutrients before providing them only stalls the plant out and hurts the growth and vigor.

You can teach that. I am not debating, but almosteveryone I have ever me in the Cannabis world knows that a seedling can make it to 4-5 nodes wihtout nutrients, and with a neutral or slightly acidic ph.

This poor fellow Noob lives where he cannot get decent PH down and his plants are suffering bad, because he is adding all kinds of stuff to get down to hydro PH, which is why I recommend he shoot for neutral or any less than 7.0…Well down ro say 5.6, but he has no acid and cannot get down there.

Great input for people to read. As I said; PH is the most important thing in growing successfully, but is not as important as keeping the seedlings alive, until thet are to be put in there growing system, and noob wants to grow hydro. It is going to be tough for him.

Thanks for the correspndence. I don’t know if oyu have T, but look up where Noob is at. I know about that area and have been attempting to help him find a suitable acid in his region. It can be found, but not as easy as we have it here in the states. Check it out. :slight_smile:


I also took a measurement of PPM the result was kind of confusing.

The day i mixed the solution the PPM was 570.

When i took PPM measurement again the PPM was 680 (1 day apart).

What do i make of this? The plant is only pulling water ? So i just top up with more water?

P.s. I got burnt tips too but not on new growth (ill post pics).

Would you please help me got up to speed?

Your water ph is : 7.4

What is the PPM of your water? !!!IMportant!!!

Can you get distilled water?

Can you buy a Reverse-Osmosis water ourification system?

Really important for future plan. What kind of hydro system do you plan to use?

  1. Positive notes: You have now found a solution for your acid in order to PH Down.

  2. You have Gh Flora 3-part. This was developed for NASA hydroponics. Good stuff.

  3. You want to be a hydro grower. Now, wehave to figure out what kind of hydro system will work for you. PLease showme what you want to grow in.

Peace, my friend.

Your wet. There is a big difference. You will get it. Be patient. Remember less is more. I take a dry towel and put under them and draw the water out. Keep changing the towels it only takes a few minutes if you have good drainage.

@Myfriendis410 is one of the best. They all are. He has his answer for Q and A. Get the right tools for the job. Robert has a grow bible. Has some great stuff. Look around. Do some reading. If you pay to grow, grow . Peace

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PPM = 330, using normal tap water.

I’ve collected some water from the air conditioner drain, it has a PPM of 60, will use this (Oh yea?).

Oh yes i can get distilled water.

RO system maybe, i’ll check the price. It is available though.

For the Hydro Grow, im torn between Ebb & flow and DWC, i almost have everything set for a DWC grow (seems less complicated and easier).

Now we are communicating. Since we are working 2 topics; I have answers to what II asked in PH topic. So glad to have helped you find your ph down. Hell yeah!

OK. So you say 330 is your ourse water. That is very hard water.
Can you get a water test? This test would tell you what minerals. acid, and crap is in your water…???

A/C drains…I never…What can I say. Would you process and drink this water?

Distilled. Awesome for use wiht General Hydroponmics. Flora Series AKA: GH 3=part.

I need to know exactly what hydro method or system you plan to use.

I wihs you could reply faster, but I understand if you cannot.

I can get distilled. I plan to use DWC.

Lets switch to the PPM and PH problem post. That way you wont have to reply on 2 different posts.

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OK. I whatever makes you more comfortable. I am there. :slight_smile: