Hypothetically, would YOU smoke her?

Imagine ya came in and saw ur plant like this:

So you hang her up like this:

After a few days, ya see her drying like this:

Would u pick off the sugar leaves and flat dry her or do y’all think that’s some kind of mold, like Alternaria? I just think she’s the ugliest whooped ass of a plant, but I would like something back for my efforts.

Would you smoke her just based on looking at her? I mean, I’ve probably smoked mildew, pocket lint, and a few bugs without knowing it by now in street weed and I’m still ticking.

I already know she’s pitiful, but is she safe enough to smoke? Would YOU smoke her, like if we was friends and I asked u to smoke her with me cause u didn’t bring narry a crumb and was a lil hongry


I would have done a bud wash before I hung her up to dry. Since that isnt the case here, I wouldnt smoke the buds, if I found mold. @MidwestGuy what about you? @Covertgrower u?

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Have you looked at the buds through a loupe?
Do you see grey or white moldy areas?
I have had a plant or two simply have some leaves that were already yellowed that just went brown and crispy during dry time but the buds were fine. If its mold though I would dispose of it.


I’ve never done a bud wash. I’ve been using for 3 grows now is Growers Ally Spidermite spray and their Fungicide. They recently released a Crop Defender 3 that I’ve used in my recent grow and works great so far. Growers Ally Crop Defender 3 is a Fungicide, miticide and and insecticide all in one.

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I’m with Spiney

If it leaves any residue you are smoking it. This is a great reason to do a peroxide bud wash so you aren’t smoking chemicals that are likely toxic.


It’s completely organic and can be used all the way up to day the of harvest. I’ve used their product on my three grows and doesn’t effect the trichomes and doesn’t leave anything behind. What they use is all botanical oils and a surfactant. I’ve talked to them via phone and email before starting. They also have samples of each product in different to try before buying more for your grow. I’ve got the 8oz and makes 25 gallons using 10ml/gallon for preventative spraying every 7 days or 40ml/gallon for infefections sprayed every 3-4 days. Here’s a link off their site for you to take a look.

The brown leaves don’t co concern me as much as if there was mold present. Chemicals they do definitely need to be washed.
Even though it’s hanging to dry I have seen other members do a wash even though it was dry. Yours is still plenty wet if you wanted to still wash it.


I wanted to come back and do an update. When I posted this, I felt super guilty about beating the heck outa my gal, but that was to be expected on my 1st grow. I learned a lot, but man I beat her so badly it’s a wonder she made any yield at all. She gave me 23 grams and that’s being frugal on trimming. I only cut off what was dry brown and my drying process was a little back and forth until I started curing.

I DID smoke her. Post-cure she smells very faintly in general, like the inside peeling of an orange, but it’s not sharp like ammonia, hay, or grass. The smoke is extra smooth to inhale, but it’s not loud on the body. I’d guess about 12-14% THC whereas I buy storefront 21-25%. Runt hits me for about 30 mins. Then she sneaks in and out for the next hour after that. I didn’t do so good by her, but she still came through for me.

I wanted to follow up cause I bet a lot of people think “maybe I should leave it to the experts” once they are a part of the process and doing it for themselves. I just wanna say, to myself and erbody else: Look, God only knows how product has been handled during prohibition and yo ash surely smoked that carelessly when it was the only option. Well guess what? Plants be getting bugs and ya feed em poop and this is reality. Just grow up and smoke it or admit you’d rather lunchable your way back to gross linty street dirt. Right?!

I’m finding my self more and more discriminating about what I smoke. Didn’t need much to begin with. Thanks to all the help from the superstar growers here, as my skills improve, I find myself only keeping only the creme de la creme for my personal use. I wouldn’t smoke that. The bud in the top picture I would smoke, the drying buds look like they have rot imo.

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What I did when I didnt know any better I dont hold against myself. Since I now KNOW, I have a duty to act on that knowledge. Its the equivelent of your admission to beating your plant, if you turn around in the second grow and beat your plant again, that would be on you. Youth and risk assesment are oxymorons. As you grow, wisdom takes hold and restraint becomes an ally. If your ok smoking toxic chemicals why not just stick to JWH 018, Or L-amphetamine for that matter (hellova bigger kick, if ya know what I mean) Just my 0.02.