Hypothetical problem: from 12/12 to outside

Let’s say a plant is flowering indoors on 12/12 for 45 days or so and there is a need to move the plant outdoors out of sight.
A) Will the plant revert back to veg?
B) will the plant continue to grow buds until harvest
C) would it continue but become a hermaphrodite?
D) if I put a trash bag over it outside (timing 12/12) would that do the trick?
I appreciate any ideas on this situation.
Happy growing

A. Cannot answer because you did not give us the daylight/night photo period that you would endure with this move.

If you are 45 days in and you daylight is no longer than 14 hours; It is possible you will do OK. Doesn’t really matter, does it?

I do not believe a plant will revert to veg in as long as a 14/10 photo period. I have read many times where growers were turning the lights back to 14/10 to finish without any negative results. :smile:

Of course; In the end you have to decide to experiment and take a risk; Or not. :sunglasses:

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