Hygrometers for curing in 1/2 gallon mason jars

I am planning to use ½ gallon bell mason jars and wondered what small hyrgometers people like? I keep reading that the Caliber 111 is most accurate and I’m trying to decide between getting a few of those and sharing them between jars or are there small inexpensive ones that you recommend (that i can put in each)?

I am also going to put one size 67 boveda pack in each ½ gallon jar. Does that sounds right?

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I use these:


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Thanks! So do you recommend getting one for each ½ gallon jar? Rather than sharing them between jars?

When I harvest I will have maybe 6 to 8 jars. I only meter a few of them. The others will be in line with what you see on those that you are monitoring.