Hygrometers arrived

Got a 4 pack of mini Hygrometers with temp today. Put one in each jar of the 2 I have curing. One had more of the wetter buds when I combined them and 1 read 60% the other 80%. I took them both out and mixed 50/50 and put back into 2 jars. One is 63% the other 73% but its only been 10 mins so will see if it evens out later. Been in the jars 4 days now and starting to sense the hay smell leaving already.

Big harvest of the big girls this weekend and plan on hanging 10-14 days then see if we are ready for more jars. These buds are giant so it may take a bit to dry first :grinning:



There are two digital hygrometers in my cigar humidor right now and an anolag one built into it. All 3 of them read differently lol. I know which one is the most accurate by testing them against humidity packs and salt water solution. My point is that as long as they’re close you can at least track what is going on in jars.


Thanks. I know they are not perfect but will let me see whats up. I took all four out and let them set a while and these 2 were the same one was 2% off and the other 3% different. I have the 62% humidity packs but am not going to use for at least 2 weeks on these jars. Then I should have a better idea on how they are. I guess I could open one pack and put in a jar and see what they say.

But like you said I can at least track the jars right now.

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Looking good. Been a few hours now and one reads 71% @ 72.5° the other 73% @ 71.4° sitting side by side in a dark room.

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I’m sure they’ll be close enough to do what you need.


Been almost a week curing in the jars. They still weigh 1oz in ea. The Humidity is at 72% for both jars. I have been opening once a day and for 1-2 mins. The hay smell is gone and they are starting to smell like high quality buds :grinning:

Am I leaving it open enough daily for it to dry to 60% ? Will it go down in time? Is it good where it is?

Thanks RAP

They are smelling great. Been 10 days in the jar. Opening for 15 mins a day and it is holding at 71° and 70% humidity.last 3 days. down 2% since start.

Keep opening daily?

I also cut and dried the other 2 plants. Dried for 7days and a lot drier than first time. They are in jars and trimmed. The new jars feel crispier and the NL is at 50% and the Maui at 45%. @dbrn32 Should I add a couple fresh leafs for humidity or will they be fine? These have been 24hrs in the jars.

Thanks RAP

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Ya 50% or less is a little low. I would try something to get humidity up on those. On the jars reading 70%, when you open jar dump the nugs out on a plate for 20 minutes or so instead of just removing lid. Once it gets closer to 60% you can go back to just removing lid for short period of time.

Ok thanks @dbrn32 . I layed out on a plate for 20 mins and put back in jars. The others I opened for 20 mins and added 62% packs to the jars. Will see what happens.

I imagine the humidity packs will get the jars to 62%. If they get to that can I take them out and keep the jars sealed and open daily or do they need to stay in to maintain the moisture%

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I like to try and maintain the jars between 55-60%. The stuff that was overly dry would be my biggest concern. Your pack will be doing the work there for a while. Even if meter reads higher im sure the rh will drop if pack is removed. With any luck, the pack will rehydrate the buds. You’ll still want to burp those jars daily, but maybe shorten burp period.

Thanks again @dbrn32 I have two large plants in day three of 12/12. I can cut some leaf and use if it is better than 62% packs.

Just relaxing in the rain so I am going to search best re-hydrating methods.I am in the desert so even with the rain today my house is at 44% humidity,not that it matters in the jars.

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The packs are probably better.

Ok, keeping them in and will remove 1 from each batch when holding at 62%, I have 3+ jars for each, so I can see what happens and compare.