Hydrponics setup

Will anybody please tell this soil grower how to set up (STEP BY STEP) a hydro system, as cheaply as possible? I want to take a stab with 1 Gold Leaf, 1 Jack. and 1 OG Kush. I’m totally mind screwed, (or just totally burnt out) on the process. I see pics of beautiful plants in buckets, but for the life of me just uneducated on the process. I desire to do an outdoor hydro system in full sun. But can’t fathom how something can be so nice in water without drowning. Please help this old stoner, and will give someone a bit of harvest for their time if grow is successful. SERIOUSLY. Maximus Indica


I answered you on the other thread but I’ll give you a better answer in this new one you started since you answered some questions I had asked in the other thread lol!

If you’re looking to do a hydro grow cheaply, I recommend separate DWC bucket setups. Also because you want to do 3 different strains, the separate bucket setups will allow you to tailor the nutrient feeds for each strain.

What you’ll need/what I recommend for you:
-5 gallon buckets
-6" net pots
-Hydroton (clay pellets, river rocks, etc)
-Air hosing
-Air pump
-Air stones
-Hydro Nutrients

Do you want a step by step tutorial on how to build a DWC bucket? It’s extremely simple, and requires a drill and a drill bit that is 1/4" (size of most air line hosing I believe). There are a ton of videos of Youtube but I can give you directions if you would like, just let me know.

Hope this helps!



@ktreez420 gave a great answer…all I can add, from experience, buy the best air pump you can afford. I started a DWC on the cheap and had to upgrade my pump…it was a good brand but a little under powered for a two bucket system. The extra power may cost more up front but the results will be worth it.


Appreciate the heads up. I don’t believe I will have that problem. I have two 200 gallon saltwater aquariums set up. I just wanted to do hydro as cheaply as possible for I know I will screw up at some point. (Novice). After I get good and comfy with it, I will do the better strains. My pumps are top of the line, but that doesn’t mean they don’t fail either. I have a few nice back ups that just found a good use instead of sitting on the shelf.

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