Hydroponics white willow grow


@bob31 @Swt.2017 I will tag along and help as I can Hydro being more my forte’ I always like to just into hydro threads


Maybe you could post some pics of what you are doing? @Swt.2017


I just got my ventilation in today and I will be posting pictures soon


Excellent thanks @Swt.2017


Since I changed to 18 hours Dark 6 hours light the plants, I have seem to be doing pretty good. They Are showing new growth.


Sounds like it is starting to come together. Do you have some fans inside your grow to move the air around? I used clip on fans one at pot level (or at the floor) and one above the canopy @Swt.2017


No that’s my next step.


you want the leaves of the plants to twitch slightly, helps the stems get nice and strong! @Swt.2017


Ok the I call see weed I have I transferred from Hydroponics to soil


Here’s the smallest one



The last one was the biggest one it’s been over two and a half months they started out and hydro I put them in potting soil 3 weeks ago


@Swt.2017 what size are those pots?


One about 24"tall and the other is 15" tall.


She pots are 3 gallon


@Swt.2017 they look small, but 3 gallon pots are kinda small. Light is important too. That 1st one looks oddly vertical. Are there no branches?


I was experimenting before I purchased the WW seeds, the seeds are some that I found I call it street weed I don’t no the stran, and no there’s no branches on it. I have the WW seeds now, waiting to make sure I have everything before I start hopefully this weekend.


I’m not very far into a new grow if you want to follow along. I’m doing something a little outrageous with nutrients, but the rest you could apply to your grow. I’m doing a different nutrient line for each plant to see how much difference there really is. You could pick just one of my plants to follow and copy my nutrient schedule. However, there are so many factors and moving parts, that you should never think of anyone else’s grow as an absolute blueprint. 1st time grower? Welcome to the machine my friend. Growing is way more addictive than the plant we grow. Just keep reading everything you can get your hands on. Go to the journal category and read as many as you can. YouTube… my wife is sick of me watching hours of vids. They’re out there big time.


You’ve come to the right place. The volume of information is overwhelming at times. You’ll find your favorite people to stalk and ask questions of. Most people here are really responsive and willing to advise. Several of them are actual volunteers for the site and everyone is invested in seeing everyone succeed.


How do I find the your Journal and everyone else’s Journal, I’m new to this forum?


@Swt.2017 the journal category is here

As for the guide, I don’t remember. I downloaded it. I think your welcome email should have a link. Maybe @bob31 would know.