Hydroponics white willow grow


What is photo fems?


feminized plants that flower according to the amount of light they get. @Swt.2017


Yes I do, I have a digital pH meter And EC and PPH meter.


Ok thanks, as you can probably tell I’m new to this.


we were all new once! @Swt.2017 All good questions!

The White Widow are they Autos or just feminized?


Auto I got them from ILGM.


I have two plants growing that I would say there are Street weed don’t know the strein but I have not been able to get them to do much I got one to flower and it’s starting to bud I put them on 18 hour dark and 6 hour light.


WWA’s excellent. They grow a little differently than photos do. They will start to flower about one month from sprouting and all done in about 90 days +/-

Are you going in or out with these?


Indoor, I’ve been practicing with the others.


OK Cool!

What is your plan for growing them? They would do best to sprout right in their forever home if possible Decreases the amount of recovery time from transplanting. @Swt.2017


I was going to give these, that I have now couple more weeks and then dry them and start the white willow, only one start out with. I have 5 gallon dwc with maxi grow and Bloom, rapid root, and demon nectar, and koolbloom. How does that sound.


I will keep them indoors the whole time


Well, It “sounds” good to me. I’ve been meaning to follow a water/ DWC grow along closely so I can learn. I guess this is a good time. Post some good pics and keep me posted. Sounds good on the other ones. Do you have a grow journal for them? If not why not start one for this one and continue it to the WWA?


I didn’t keep a grow Journal but I will and keep you posted thank you for your advice


How about we can rename this one And I can move it to the other category for ya? @Swt.2017 and you can just go one from here.


Ok sounds good.


All you need to do is go up to the top and click on the pencil next to the title and name it something appropriate! @Swt.2017

I already moved it to the grow journal section!


I named it Hydroponics white willow grow how do I access the new Journal


you already did. It is the same journal you already had. @Swt.2017

If you click on your avatar then look for your username click on that and then under the summary tab is your topic and other info and setting.


I found it, and thank you very much.