Hydroponics white widow grow

This what they look like from the top.

I never like to see foam in my rez’s… it usually leads to problems down the road… :wink:
What nutrients are you using?
I seen that you had the floralicious Plus which I don’t use because of the organic stuff that’s in it… :wink:
More then likely that’s what’s causing the foam… :wink:

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@peachfuzz I’m using maxigroup, floralicious plus, rapid start, and Diamond nectar. You think I need to change the Reservoir? Or take some water out add some more?

If you want to learn DWC go through my current journal @bob31. I’ve had all kinds of issues throughout that I have had to rectify, including needing to go to bigger reservoirs due to roots outgrowing my 3.5ga buckets, almost starting a fire with an aquarium heater, building my own light, fighting low temps and low humidity, getting what appears to be a nitrogen lockout twice… it’s been a comedy of errors! But the forum community has dumped a lot of good knowledge in my journal to help me.


How do I find your journal?

Here you go!

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Some products foam for a day or 2 after adding but is normally subsides if it doesn’t than look for the products that contain sugars in them and go from there I use botanicare Sweet rather than GH sweeteners it can be result of microbes eating sugars organic product or wetting agent used reacting to sugars I would agree with @peachfuzz

one main reason we don’t use mol or honey in hydro :wink: source of added sugars matters


The foam has sisided and looking good. When is a good time to start light on 12, 12? I’ve had them on 18 hours light, 6 hours dark. The girls seem to be thriving, roots are getting bigger and looking better, here’s a couple pics


In hydro the plants progress is faster than soil,so the only thing I can say is to flip when your about halfway to your hieght limit


Your setup looks great! Much better than my first time! For hydro ph to 5.5 at feeding and you could let ph swing for a couple days to absorb nutes and top off as needed until next adjustment/feeding

What’s the growing time for auto vs. Feminized? in Hydroponics.

Auto seeds are feminized seeds. I think you are asking for the difference between auto and photo plants (in hydro).

Growing medium won’t likely impact the plant life. Photoperiod plants can have as much growing time as you feel like giving them. You can have them in a vegetative state indefinitely assuming you have enough space for it. Autos typically have a life span from 70-100 days. Most photos will have a flowering period equal to 50-80 days depending on strain, plus generally a 4 week minimum veg period.

@Bogleg thanks are photo hard to grow indoors?

Not any harder than autos in my opinion. Just need to be cognizant of your space (specifically your height) so you flip to veg at the right time and don’t out grow your space. Other than that, basically the same thing. Because you can control how long you veg your photos, you can experiment more with them regarding training (LST, super cropping, SCROG) than you can with an auto. You have more forgiveness because you have more time to recover.

Is it okay to mix Maxi grow and Maxi bloom in the same gallon jug with the water to dissolve?:hushed:

I wouldn’t see why not?

I mixed both togather and change my res today.

I thought the instructions were to use one or the other of the Maxi Grow/Bloom, not both together. What am I missing?

transitional weeks from veg to bloom use a mix around 1/2:1 ratio it is much like using flora nova or flora trio in that can be mixed and is mixed for key weeks during both veg and bloom.


@bryan this is a link to the feed
scheduled that I have been following
http://gh.growgh.com/docs/Feedcharts/GH_Maxi-REC_03216am.pdf check it out it’s working for me so far

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