Hydroponics vs soil. Input on the good and bad, advice needed

So, I am completing my 1st soil grow and potentially my last!! Loved it from the start but about 8 weeks into flower I noticed I was infested with thrips. Unfortunately being new to growing I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for and being so small I never saw until it was too late. The infestation was so bad, im completely turned off to soil growing again. But before I make the switch to hydroponics I wanted some advice from the pros!! 1st off, what type of bugs do I need to prepare for? I know from much research that bugs are far less of an issue in hydro, but im sure that do show up, so any input is greatly appreciated. Also does any one have advice on a specific system. I’ve been researching current culture and like what I’m seeing. Any input of a hydro system is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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I started out in soil and after growing 6 plants to harvest I decided I wanted to try hydro. I went with 5 gallon buckets for DWC setups. I started with a kit from amazon actually, that came with everything you needed.

My plants in hydro have been much healthier, and way bigger than when I was growing in soil. I was a newbie when in soil though, so things could be different now. I will always grow hydroponically though, because I fell in love with the results and ease of growing.



I know that i am still a newbie, but i started growing in an Aerogarden and moved up to 2 DWC 5 gallon buckets with a tent and LED light setup. I have loved it. Other than a few PH issues from a faulty meter,I have had few or no problems. I have been able to grow and find really good information form all the people on this site, either by reading past posts or asking questions. I have had zero bug issues. With a little planning I set up my tent on a small riser (16" tall) for easy water changes. I like using the side tube on the bucket to rotate 90 degrees down and let water flow into a 3 gal waste water bucket when doing water changes or when checking ph and tds. Do some research and see if it is right for you.


i run a drain to waste system myself @markaas74… i’m still a rookie with one grow under my belt,but have had good success with the DTW idea… i use promix HP or sunshine#4 coco/peat mix,and advanced nutrients for growing in coco. no bugs! i do have some WW’s outside in FFoF,but this is my first time using a soil…i heard about bugs and let my soil bake in the sun for a week before using it…
anyway i think a DTW system works well also inside,so make an informed decision on your next move.
hope all goes well!

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I’ve got buckets and a box for my hydro setups. I also am running some in huge dirt buckets with worms. I’ll tag you to show what hydro compared to dirt.


Tag me also please @Givemefire