Hydroponics versus soil

Back in the day when I smoked hydroponic grown smoke it always seemed to taste different. Is that still the case today? Just didn’t seem as tasty as soil grown.

On the contrary today’s hydroponic systems can provide all the nutrients needed to produce very tasty bud. Although with any grow medium there are pros and cons. Hydroponics is not for the lazy grower. But with some attention to detail can produce a far superior product in less time and amaze you with the results.
Here is the product and schedule I used on my latest grow.

Thanks @LateNightGardner I appreciate your input. I figured that must be the case as so many growers are doing hydroponics. Will certainly read what you suggested and consider hydro in the future.

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I wonder a bit, as organic and hydroponic don’t seem to be very close friends. Granted, there are loads of cannabis-oriented nutrient blends that are made to replace everything in soil, so it may not matter anymore.

I have two of the same strain, one growing in soil and one growing hydro. I will report back one day when I have smokeable flower from both - for now, the hydro one has about two months’ of work to catch up on to be the same size as my soil plant, so probably not any time soon.

As far as growing goes, probably start in soil. I started in hydro and have just about killed my plants every single day since starting about 3 weeks ago. It’s perpetual crisis intervention until you get the hang of it.

Go in coco. Soils a waste of time and a hassle.

Nothings changed. Hydro and Soil still taste different. But it’s fair to say that soil and soil taste different as well as hydro and hydro. Everything you do to it changes the taste and aroma to a degree. You choice of hydro nutes, your organic soil mix, your water… yeah there’s some generalizations you can make.

Don’t forget drying and curing methods and even trimming skill/method.

I draw my conclusions from vegetables - think of hydroponic tomatoes and think of organic soil grown tomatoes.

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thanks for asking the ? I have two plant of the same strain going one in hydro and one in a local premiem soil to check out grow results I am ready to chop and would have just mixed them but with a taste differance I will seperate to compare
thank you
btw both plants grew the same size aand at the same speed so the soil was a winner even tho more expensive then ff ocean forrest

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Thanks @ChuckM I’m real interested in what you think after you try both.

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@looking forward to your opinion when you try both.

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Looking forward to your taste test!

I’m doing my first grow in a RDWC with GH Flora trio, CalMag, Silicon, and Hydroguard.

I’ve never felt like I’ve been close to killing the plant… just following the instructions…

I’ve always used soil in the past OK. Then I tried hydro buckets with the base GH nutrients. I was really looking forward to tasting these fast growing specimens. They look great and covered in trichomes. Right as I was completing my first hydro harvest I got the Covid. Had a mild case with some flu like symptoms. But, I lost my since of smell. Really disappointed that I can’t appreciate the fruits of my labor.

Sure hope time gives you back your taste.


So far I’ve been slowly been improving. Taste is working much better than smell. But,…the weed does work just fine otherwise.

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