Hydroponics Sour D


Sign me up it’s simple enough Looking so my space is 4x4 hydro and will more then likely be 2 pairs of plants on a 4-5 week offset from one another


here they are after trimming them down and spreading them out under a net and switching to flower know it’s been a while but we have seen plants grow



any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome


Just my opinion to you. I would knock off more of those really big fan leaves. Just me but it’s your grow and you are doing a great job


Will trimming in flower cause seeds


I have not experienced and I only trim in flower during the 3rd week and once a couple of weeks before harvest. There’s a website called grow weed easy dot com. Go to search type defoliating fan leaves and there’s a tutorial with pics. Great article and couple guys on here actually follow it also


this what you had in mind



Yes looks good and by Thursday Friday she bounce back with even more.


R u n flower or veg…?



In flower for about a week


Ya… no more cutting… your decreasing yield… :wink:



They look good… what are you growing in… looks like your own mix of some sort…



Hydroponics with GH nutrients


hermie ?I never did mention that it was unknown number 2 that turned out to be a male so I thought I would correct that now


Yes, that’s a hermie. Sorry.


One out of four I won’t cry to much for my first true grow


One out of four isn’t bad. I’m glad you have three more cause i always hate giving people bad news.


Not a hermi… it’s a full on boy…
You should dispose of it immediately…
Put a trash bag over it very gently before ripping it out of there… :wink:



Yes within fifteen min of my picture post I did as you advised and banged it then got rid of it I think some pollen has escaped tho I did my best to protect my girls
Errr I mean bagged it