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4’x4’x6’ grow box of own make flat white inside.

Home made re circulating DWC system 3.5gal buckets for veg, 5gal for flower, and 4gal control between 10 for veg total system and and 22 gallons for flower total system.

6 in net pot bucket lids filled with expanded clay growing medium.

2 in air stones in each plant sites bucket.

254Gph air pump

130 gph aquarium pump for recirculating the water.

31 inch tower fan for that simulated summer breeze.

600w galaxy hydro LEDs for Veg

2 x ViparSpectra 300 w LEDs for flower.

Sour diesel is the strain

General hydroponics flora series nutrients, Cali magic and PH up and down

Currently the box sits at about 50% humidity 55 degrees during off light cycle and 66 degrees during on light cycle with water temp sitting at 62 degrees and using a Revers osmosis water system.

This is week one of nutrient cycle 18/6 light cycle

Sour Diesel # 1 14 days after first emergence

Sour Diesel #2 14 days after first emergence

Unknown #1 just transplanted from solo cup I was given it in into expanded clay washed as much dirt from roots as possible

Unknown #2 just transplanted from solo cup I was given it in into expanded clay washed as much dirt from roots as possible

Any advice or comments would be welcome


I removed the seed packaging picture though we don’t mind helping you grow any seeds we don’t help them advertise :wink:

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Got it thanks for the help

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No problem will still be a few days before you have full posting rights helps to weed out spammers and encourage people to explore read and learn from some of the topics and threads

Any suggestions as to why my leafs ar curled down so bad on unknown # 1 they were curled down before the transplant and have yet to ever bounce out of it

Recovering and adjusting to new medium I have transplanted from soil to hydro they usually take week or so to rebound as they are sending most of their energy to roots and healing. Find super thrive or Liquid Karma helps reduce stress and speed healing they bounce back if new growth gets perky and healthy in a few days you’re smiling. Some strains also have less rigid and perky roots

Your temps are also pretty cool which can lead to Phosphorus def. if you could raise ambient to 60f+ night and 70f+ day it will help even res temp also is pretty cool 66-69f is ideal.
I grow hydro half the year and get best growth with res temps in those ranges much warmer and bacteria can cause issues, too cold and plants don’t want to get their roots wet.

Nutrients are the foundation of all plant growth, and certainly they are one of the most important elements in successful Cannabis cultivation. In a hydroponics system, plants get all the nutrients they need from water.

That means you’ll need to keep your nutrient solution well-stocked with every type of required nutrient: oxygen, potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. You’ll want an even temperature near 68 degrees (20 Celsius)

Lots of reading but trust me it can be a gold mine


The clay balls look pretty wet in your pics… not sure if that’s just because you just transplanted in that pic… but you need a 1 inch air gap between the water and the net basket… your plants will look droopy if the trunk is too wet for too long or if there’s not enough oxygen in the water as well… but the wet rocks is what caught my attention… :wink:

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You’ll like the Sour Diesel; funky and potent and a large harvest. Easy plant to grow.


HHYes it is wet due to the transplant, as once a week I top dress all the ladies and then put them in a different bucket while I clean their buckets. There is actually about 2-3 inches gap from the bottom of the net pot to the water and the under side of the bucket lid stays wet due to the splash that occurres from the air “boiling to the surface” I will take some up dated pictures the ones posted are from 3/21


Updated photo shoot

Sour diesel # 1
Sour diesel # 2

Unknown # 1
Unknown # 2


How much canopy are my 2 300w led lights going to cover the grow box is 4x4 with 4 plants is that enough light

should be close enough won’t be huge but but they’ll give you some return

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Sourd Diesel#1

Sour Diesel#2



This is the start of week 2 in the feeding chart I have added an aquarium tank heater set at 68-69 to the control bucket and space heater is enroute to help bump up ambient temps 10 degrees should be here sometime soon

As always any tips or pointers are welcome and apriciated, I know next to nothing about hydroponics or indoor growing, but have been an avid Gardner since childhood


Unknown#2 didn’t get his photo before I put him back in his home


I keep seeing a lot about these diy quantum grow boards and was curious as what I would need for a 4x4 flower area

I just got a quantum board, and so far I love it. You want to talk to this guy @dbrn32 if you’re interested in a build.

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Thanks @raustin!

Four qb 288’s has been the standard for them. Available several different ways. They just released new 324 board that has more 630nm and beyond. Currently the new boards are available only as components with heatsinks.

The 288 boards you can get as a complete 4 board fixture, a 4 board kit, three different two board kits, a single board kit, or as separate components as well. When in stock anyway.

They run discounts on complete lights every so often. Hlg-550 for around $800. And all of the kits are available purchased pre assembled and tested for another $25 or so. But they’re really easy to put together.


I’m very DIY with access to a full fabrication shop and am up for a challenging project just find myself lacking the knowledge of what components I specifically need to get the results I want


Cruise on over to horticulture lighting group web page and check them out. If you decide to do that I can help you get the right stuff.

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