Hydroponics Setup - Starting Questions: net cups, nutrients, smell, temperature

Hey there! What a great community you have here :slight_smile: I’ve enjoyed reading through many topics. I am new to growing and I have seeds en route :slight_smile: I’m going to start with two plants, growing in an empty closet in my bedroom. It has a solid wood door on it. It is 3ft wide x 19inches deep, about 6ft high. I ordered a 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum, and lined the walls with reflective mylar. There are just a couple of things I am not clear on, hoping I can get some feedback.

Starting: I ordered two Hydroponic WaterFarm systems with Flora Series nutrients. I don’t like dirt lol. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N2YQVCK/ It says it is a complete system, everything you need to start growing. However, it doesn’t come with any net pots like other systems have. Do I need them? If so, what size (3" or 6"?). Should hydroponic plants be transplanted as they grow? I also got Rockwool, PH kit, TDS meter.

Nutrients: Are the Flora Series starter nutrients enough or is there any additional nutrients recommended? I found this nutrient schedule that has CaliMagic as optional-- is it worth it? I’m trying to keep things simple. I’ve also seen root maximizer.

Smell?: I have an air purifier / ionizer I was planning to keep outside of the closet door. I’m not able to put any vents in like grow tents have. Will that be enough so the smell is not overpowering?

Temp: The temperature is typically about 65° Fahrenheit. I was thinking of getting a small heater/fan for the closet to up the temperature a bit (like this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N9MTW9J/). Is this heater/fan a good idea?

I think that’s it for all my starter questions. Thanks in advance for any help-- I’m looking forward to being a part of your community!


@Donaldj does hydro, and @Hammer is one of the mods and he is hydro master

It does the entire top is a net pot it’s a bucket in bucket system the top bucket is a smaller 2-3gal with holes and drains into bottom bucket where airstone and nutrient res are located
smell may be an issue I would reccomend a fruity strain like Blueberry Calmag is a need in any hydro system and I suspect with a pump and light going your temps will be 70’s easily enough you can run a carbon filter on a closed loop it doesn’t need to vent out of space but it helps

And for the record GH flora series is a good product line like a train it keeps performing and is easily modified to suit needs fully synthetic so sterile. It’s a good system to learn with let me know when you start :slight_smile:

if you find you need a heater, that one may be a little too strong for your grow space, it’s rated at 500 watts.

I got a smaller heater, rated at 200 watts for my 3 x 3 x 6 tent and it raises the temp from 63F to 73F


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Thanks for all of the info and tips! I will let you know when I start :slight_smile:

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My seeds came yesterday, 7 days after I ordered. I started germinating and I can already see a taproot coming out (it’s been about 18 hours). Can’t believe those little seeds will grow 5’-6’ tall!


It’s been 6 days and my seed still hasn’t changed from 5 days ago. I see pictures of seeds with a larger root than this when they are planted. I’ve kept the paper towel wet and dark. Should I plant this and give it light, or keep waiting? Thanks in advance!

I would plant it and give her some light. I always put in in a rapid rooter or a peat pellet after I soak them in water for 24 hours. I don’t use the paper towel method. I hope this helps. I know some wait till there is more of a taproot, but that’s just how I do it. Not saying it’s the best way, but I’ve had 100% rate germination. Hope this helps, good luck growin.


Hey @AngelT Take the paper towel and squeeze most of the water out of that towel and keep her dark and warm 81 degrees and keep checking her every 3-4 hours.

Moist, Dark and Warm!!! Good Luck and keep us posted!

Too wet, you need to get her out of that soggy towel and put her in damp/moist soil :+1:Good luck

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Day 9. Well, I followed the first advice and got, and planted it in ph-adjusted rockwool, and put some light on it in the hydro bucket. It’s been about 18 hours in the light and I just checked it and the little taproot went back inside the shell. Maybe it didn’t start growing but just expanded with the water? I will wait on it a few more days.

I think I’m going to try to germinate a new seed, and keep it damp (not as wet) in the paper towel. I have a heating mat that keeps it about 80 degrees.

I make sprouts all the time (broccoli, radish, clove) to eat. I just soak 2T of seeds over night, then rinse them in a jar twice a day and they grow so good they fill a large mason jar in a few days. This seed is disappointing, Lol!

I must be the odd one in the group I start seeds using shot glass Method I scuff them slightly then soak overnight or until they sink then throw them straight into moist rockwool or starter pallet. I keep them covered and in almost darkness on a heating pad until they break surface 3-7 days then add light still leaving covered I only add very little water to my tray to keep them moist and still have very high germination rates.

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That sounds really good, Donald. I am trying that today. I also threw in a few vegetable seeds to see if they sprout this way too. I’m not giving up on the first one yet. I took a closer look and squeezed it, and water came out of the seed. So I guess it was waterlogged. I don’t know if that means I drowned it, but I’ll find out in a few days. If there was a big flood, that wouldn’t kill all plant life forever… so maybe that little seed still has life in it!

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question about the starter plugs:

if you germinate your seeds in a starter plug, then place the starter plug in some clay pebbles, does your plug need to stay damp the entire grow? sometimes mine get very dry, so i try to keep them hydrated. and why is it that one starter plug will be dry and the others (in the same system) stay moist?

good question I notice that too but I don’t keep them moist once roots are in solution I worry far less about them

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would you try to avoid them getting bone dry? or does it matter once the seed has been germinated and the roots are touching water?

i guess the better questions is, should i just cover them in clay pebbles and not worry about it? haha

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Pretty much all I do I keep them moist until roots are in nutrients then I try to keep them from getting wet because it can lead to trunk rot