Hydroponics setup advice

I have put on paper my plans for my grow, any suggestions. <img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/business6/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/2X/a/a446715ec063df4559f6a4d70d58ef6607c2ee82.jpeg" width=“669” height=“499”

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Looks OK. I’m a soil guy but if you put that much effect into your grow room
Then you should do just fine


Thanks for the encouragement Garrigan62. I’m trying to make this easy as possible do to a disability. I know to most it’s overboard, but during solution change and cooling down I hope things will be less stressful.

Looks like your typical multi-bucket system Good Luck.

One note of advisement. Keep track of how the PH is running bucket to bucket if you experience issues. If not…“If it aint broke…”

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Lakewood thanks for the reminder, I do hope for a good crop.

where are your recirculating lines ?? that cooler is only effective IF it cools ALL the WATER. Especially in the buckets …i run muti buckets . that hook to a return line to the res, and a feed line to all buckets . then test ph at the res…my res has a float control to maintain water level But other than that your drawing looks solid … If your a lab member go to bubble bucket section and study Roberts desighn it is of the recirculating desighn …he does it diff then me … i use tubing to make manifolds 3/4 " feed then tap 1/4 x2 per bucket …my returns are 1" tubing that goes bak to the res … heres a pict of mine …sorry don’t have one of the res but con still take one if you need me to… Hammer

also i run the recirc lines and air line thru the Bucket…the reson is ican replace or remove the plant as needed

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