Hydroponics Questions

I’m want6ing to grow Hydroponically, And want to use coco coir. What is the best Hydroponics System for coco coir? And with coco, How many times a day should I water them on a timer?

I would start out once a day, as they increase in size at least twice.


whats the best Ebb & Flow system for COCO Coir?
I want to grow in 7 Gallon containers…

Most of these are custom designed, so it’s really up to you how to design it for your space. Most growers seem to settle on 3x3 or 4x4 for size.
7 gallons seems pretty large, being ebb and flow and constantly being exposed to nutrients and water, 1 gallon would work great.

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Drain to waste is probably your best bet for coco. I’ve seen a couple guys on YouTube do ebb and flow for coco. Both run clones in small pot. I have 2 drain to waste coco grows going now. Closet DTW 2x2 DTW. Links to them if you want to check them out.

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And welcome to ILGM!!! Lots of great cultivators here with tons of information!!!

If you set it up properly you won’t need any more than a 3 gallon pot. A decent submersible pump, ebb and flow fittings, a decent tray and a timer is really all you need to get going.

You can also do DTW as stated using something like a Blumat watering timer and pump.

The easiest ‘hydro’ system I’ve found is Autopots and there’s a bunch of threads on the subject. Nutrient line I’d recommend is Jack’s 3-2-1 and again there’s a bunch of threads on here.


Autopots are another option, with no drain to waste

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