Hydroponics Beginer

Hi, My Hydro system CRACHED!. I had about 4 weeks to go. My drip ring clogged down in the resivor, air stopped blowing, no more bubbles or dripping water. I read it might be solidified salt from the nutrients (Flora Series), What can I do to prevent this clogging next time? How do I keep the system cleen?

How often were you doing res changes? I would say clean out system with each change or refill and you should be pretty good.

Suggest you read a hydro-grow book.

Also suggest you change reservoir more often. Only way to clean out mineral build up is to clean it.

Add bulkhead fittings and distribute the water thru multiple buckets, 1 pump per 4 drip rings.

Need big enough fitting to run 1 1/2” pvc pipe to connect all tanks in tent together.

Then you’ll have a rdwc that will allow for better flow of nutrients, less chance of build up and/or nutrient lockout

How do I clean out the system without disturbing the plant

I heard I can use FloraKleen a few times through the growing period. But I have no idea how much to use it with the nutrients and when, etc.

Depends on how your system is built, they are all a little different. In some it’s very difficult to do without disturbing the plant.