Hydroponics? Any ideas?

hi guys i used soil for a while then about 6 months ago i converted to dwc… im wondering if anyone has any ideas on how i can do a drip or somthing with a reservoir… i need to keep my buckets on the floor. I only have 7ft headroom… any ideas are very appreciated… thanks

I built my own, it’s surprisingly easy.
Pvc pipe, a pump, a yellow lid tote, preferably 27 gallon, sprayers, and air pump and stones. It costs my about $50 to build the entire thing. I am happy to walk you through the build if you are interested.

Yes im interested… i thought about doing somthing simular… but without being able to get my buckets off the floor they’ll always have fluid in them? It will equalize to the level of the res?

Well with the system I use, you want some water in the bins. It does use a sprayer system, but a large portion of the roots is still in water, so you still need the air stones and some water in each bin.